'The Titan Games' Season 2 Episode 9: Haley thunders past Dasha Kuret at Mt Olympus, fans call it 'incredible'

'The Titan Games' Season 2 Episode 9:  Haley thunders past Dasha Kuret at Mt Olympus, fans call it 'incredible'
Dasha Kuret and Haley Johnson (NBC, Steve Dietl)

That was another scintillating episode of 'The Titan Games', which is hosted by Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Wrestler Dasha Kuret went up against Michelle Lewis in 'Launchpad', where Dasha exuded enormous amount of strength and energy and knocked down the blocks, while Michelle was still struggling to gain height. Dasha aced the second challenge 'Over The Edge' as well and went up against the reigning Titan, army nurse Haley Johnson at Mount Olympus. Other fans noted that Dasha 'slayed' on this night. Unfortunately, Haley steamrolled Dasha at Mount Olympus, as Dasha began to struggle early in the start itself. While Dasha struggled with the 100 pound log, Haley had already rushed through Cage Crawl. Haley remained reigning Titan. 


"Dasha is getting smoked," a fan tweeted. "@DashaKuret gave it her all tonight on the #TitanGamesNothing to be ashamed of. Hope to see her in an #AEWring real soon!" tweeted another. "It is incredible how #HaleyJohnson is undefeated in the Titan Arena! #TitanGames," tweeted a fan. "Haley takes that by a mile. She's going to be very hard to beat at this stage. Very fast and very powerful. You'd need like, another crossfit athlete to beat her. #TitanGames," another wrote.


"Dasha Kuret has inspired a lot of people..even in defeat. To Never give up, never give in..& never say never. Haley Johnson is a phenomenal Titan. Wow what a show. #titangames," a fan tweeted.

"#HaleyJohnson yaaassss Queen #JohnsonStrong The Titan baby has been delivered," another noted. 

Well, Dasha will be back in the regional finals, for her last shot at redemption.


In an interview to MEA Worldwide, Dasha explained her biggest takeaway from the show. "The show taught me so much. You (should) never give up on yourself and never hesitate on your potential. I say that because some of the events we had to compete in were not just physically demanding but mentally demanding as well. You had to be able to tap into your mental strength and tell yourself that you can do this, you can persevere. This was one of the main things that the show taught me. If we tell ourselves that we can do anything, we can accomplish anything." 
Meanwhile, Andrew Hanus and Ryan Steenberg went head to head before taking on 'country-strong' Will Sutton at Mount Olympus. Andrew took the lead at 'Chain Linked', as Ryan had a fall that led to a setback. However, Ryan made a spectacular comeback in the next challenge, leading to a tie. Ryan defeated Andrew at 'Herculean' Pull and went on to face Will at Mount Olympus. 


'The Titan Games' airs on NBC, Mondays at 8 pm. 

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