'The Titan Games' Season 2: Wayne Skivington and Robbie Rodriguez's bloody Lunar Impact wins fans' respect

The Lunar Impact challenge saw the two participants bleed and sweat it out in the most grueling challenge on the show

                            'The Titan Games' Season 2: Wayne Skivington and Robbie Rodriguez's bloody Lunar Impact wins fans' respect
Robbie Rodriguez and Wayne Skivington (Steve Dietl/NBC)

'The Titan Games' is a display of will, physical and mental strength as well as sheer determination. There are numerous challenges to test the participants, including Chain Linked, Herculean Pull, Nuts N Bolts and the most stressful Lunar Impact. The contestants battle one another before they take on the reigning Titan at Mount Olympus.

Yet, fans feel that the Lunar Impact is the most stressful, exhausting and worrying challenge of all. Here, the participants have to push hard on either side of a wall and have to exert each and every bit of strength they have to push the other participant off the bridge. In this episode, it was a bloody and grueling battle between Robbie Rodriguez and Wayne Skivington. Both men displayed an extraordinary show of brilliance and strength. It was a show of sweat and blood as Wayne's legs began to bleed. Despite that, Wayne still managed to win against Robbie.

It goes without saying that the match had people on the edge. "SOMEBODY MUST CEDE! Wayne has bloodied legs & Robbie is sweating like a horse. Neither wishes to give an inch or a few centimeters!" A fan tweeted, in panic, while the match was going on. "Me watching Lunar Impact like....blood..sweat...and alot of RESPECT. #TitanGames," another wrote.

"Dang. Robbie and @WSkivingtonboth went through despair, determination, exhaustion, and exhilaration in ONE challenge," a fan noted. "WOW thats a GNARLY Injury......bloody serious...," a fan tweeted. "Lunar Impact always gets me nervous," another said. 

Wayne Skivington went on to fight Noah Palicia on Mount Olympus. The two were neck-to-neck, and there was a point when Wayne overtook Noah, but Noah caught up again and defeated him by a few mere seconds during the ball and chain part of the task. A tough war no doubt, but both reigning Titans held on to their titles tonight. It remains to be seen whether they will be able to continue to do so, as the rest of the competitors and the old Titans return for one last shot at redemption.

'The Titan Games' airs on NBC at 8 pm on Mondays.

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