'The Titan Games' Season 2 Episode 6 preview: Bloodied battles lie ahead for the contestants

In the upcoming episode of 'The Titan Games', the other top competitors and the ex-Titans return for one last chance at redemption

                            'The Titan Games' Season 2 Episode 6 preview: Bloodied battles lie ahead for the contestants
Margaux Alvarez and Noah Palicia (Steve Dietl, NBC)

A tough battle lies ahead for reigning Titans Noah Palicia and Margaux Alvarez. While Noah Palicia fiercely defended his title last week against Exodus Rogers, Margaux Alvarez dethroned Kelly Valdez at Mount Olympus. However, it’s time again for Noah to put up a fight for his title, as this time, Wayne Skivington and Robbie Rodriguez are eyeing the title in the upcoming episode titled ‘The Circus Comes To Town’.

Will Noah retain his title? Or will he lose it?

Meanwhile, Jamara Garrett and Lindsay Hamm will fight it out and the winner will take on Margauz Alvarez. Next week, Victor Cruz, Exodus Rogers and the winner from tonight, will battle it out in a three-way competition, and then battle it out with the reigning Titan. It's no cakewalk, as Cruz who faced a severe defeat against Noah, is even more determined to win the title. Exodus was on fire last week and demolished his other contestants, but still fumbled in front of Noah.

Last week, Kelly had displayed an enormous amount of strength and agility and Mount Olympus was a cakewalk and she defeated stuntwoman Jessie Graff. However, she was a little behind Margaux in Episode 5. While both of them had a good start, Margaux took the lead after cage crawl. After that, there was no looking back, as Margaux raced towards the heavy ball and chain and dragged it across. She was the first to put the relic, while Kelly was still lagging behind. 

Will the reigning Titans defend their titles, or will there be new Titans?

In an exclusive interview to MEA Worldwide, Noah Palicia spoke about what motivated him to go on the show. “After winning the DoD Alpha Warrior championship (it’s like a mix between crossfit and ninja warrior), my wife decided that she was tired of watching people compete on TV shows knowing that her husband would do well. She posted a message on the Titan game Instagram pushing for the show to feature the Palicia Brothers; they did! As far as myself, I just love the feel of competition. It brings out the best in me and this show was an incredible opportunity to not only compete against some fantastic athletes but also show the world that a person of my size and stature is capable of performing on a level demanded by this show.”

'The Titan Games' airs on NBC, Mondays at 8 pm. 

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