'The Titan Games' Season 2 Episode 6: Margaux Alvarez defeats the 'Hamminator', fans cheer for the winemaker

Winemaker Margaux Alvarez held on to her Titan title in the latest episode of 'The Titan Games', holding her own against strong opponent Lindsey Hamm

                            'The Titan Games' Season 2 Episode 6: Margaux Alvarez defeats the 'Hamminator', fans cheer for the winemaker
Margaux Alvarez and Lindsey Hamm (Steve Dietl/NBC)

Tonight (June 29) was the night for reigning Titans Airforce instructor Noah Palicia and winemaker Margaux Alvarez. Noah Palicia had his third consecutive victory at Mount Olympus while Margaux Olympus defended her title with everything she had from Lindsey Hamm, a professional rock-climber. Lindsey demolished her earlier rival Jamara Garrett in two rounds, before taking on Margaux at Mount Olympus.

However, even though the two were neck-to-neck at the beginning, Margaux raced ahead, when she carried the heavy log while Lindsey struggled to catch her breath. And then, there was no looking back for Margaux. She displayed her superb strength during the ball and chain where Lindsey stumbled again. Margaux was the winner and the Western Region Titan. Next week, Margaux will have to go up against earlier participants or former Titans. An exhausting battle lies ahead for Margaux but her fans have full faith in her.

Fans were impressed with Margaux's performance at Mount Olympus against the "Hamminator" as Lindsey's supporters called her. "Victory for @321gaux! The winemaker dispatches Lindsay, dubbed the Hamminator to friends & family & relegates her to the regional finals against defeated entrants with a bid to become the West Region Titan. #TitanGames #NBCTitanGames @nbctitangames," a fan wrote.

"What a race against Lindsey  @nbctitangames she pushed that pace! @CariChampion @GoldenboyFTW," another tweeted. "Margaux WAS ON FIRE!" a fan wrote. "Awesome job," another added. "@[email protected] a night great job to all, a bunch of beast tonight #TitanGames," a fan tweeted.

For most of the episode, it seemed as if victory belonged to Lindsey.  She was unstoppable during the Chain Linked challenge and showed her true skill as a mountain climber attempting to break a record for the fastest climb. Her rival Jamara Garett matched up to her every step of the way, till the last second. Unfortunately, Jamara's slip cost her heavily as Lindsey took Round 1.  The duo fought it out again in Kick Out, but Lindsey's leg power outmatched Jamara and went on to take Margaux at Mount Olympus.

This isn't over for Lindsey, yet. She still has a chance of making it big. Tune into the Western Region finals next week! 'The Titan Games' airs on NBC on Mondays at 8 pm.

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