'The Titan Games' Season 2 Episode 11: Will Sutton is 'beast of the East', fans see the next champion in him

Country-strong Will Sutton is the 'Beast Of The East' after defeating Joshua Porter at Mount Olympus

                            'The Titan Games' Season 2 Episode 11: Will Sutton is 'beast of the East', fans see the next champion in him
Will Sutton (Steve Dietl, NBC)

'The Titan Games' had us on edge with this episode. The East Regional Finals took place and the previous finalists and former Titans returned for their last shot at redemption. Joshua Porter had suffered an injury in the previous episode at Mount Olympus and that resulted in a heavy loss against Will Sutton. Joshua returned for his last shot at redemption and he did not disappoint. Exuding power and strength, he won at 'Hammer Down' and was the first to knock down all three poles and climb up to the victory chain. Tyron Woodley caught up with him quickly and the two battled it out in 'Resistance'. Joshua breezed through this challenge and threw the five barrels over the edge as if they weighed nothing.

And so, he went up against Will at Mount Olympus. Both the men were exhausted by the middle of the race and Joshua couldn't keep up with Will, who was struggling even more. Yet, using the last bit of strength and energy left in him, Will won again at Mount Olympus. Next week, Will will battle the Central and West champions, Matt Chann and Noah Palicia for the Titan Games championships, Fans have hailed him as 'the dark horse'.

"No matter what happens next week, Country Strong Will Sutton is an official #TitanGames legend!" a fan wrote.



"Might be going out on a limb here, but the East region is looking like a dark horse for the Finals. #TitanGames," another wrote.


"I’m gonna put my bags on Will again in the finale of #TitanGames, next week. #CountryStrong," a fan wrote.


"Congrats #WillSutton!! Love what you said"you can do anything you put your mind to, doesn't matter what's on the outside, matters what's on the inside"#TitanGames," a fan tweeted.



Some called it a 'gladiator' type battle. "Now that was a grueling, EPIC, gladiator style battle on Mt. Olympus!  Both dudes literally had nothing left to give. I need this type of energy in next weeks Finals. #TitanGames," another wrote.


"Will can actually take the whole thing they way he competes with motivation he can be a Titan Champion #TitanGames," a fan tweeted.



'The Titan Games' airs on NBC, Mondays at 8 pm. 

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