'The Titan Games' Season 2 Episode 10: Joshua's fighting spirit to Courtney's strength, here are the best moments

'The Titan Games' Season 2 Episode 10: Joshua's fighting spirit to Courtney's strength, here are the best moments
Joshua Porter and Courtney Roselle (NBC)

This week's episode of 'The Titan Games' was an absorbing and nervewracking one. We were introduced to motivational speaker Courtney Roselle, firefighter Shantal Athill, bodybuilder Joshua Porter and Blake Broadhurst. Next week, we'll see the returning finalists as they battle it out to be the reigning Titan. 

For the women, Courtney Roselle was determined to maintain the lead in both the challenges of 'Nuts N Bolts' and 'Lunar Impact', with Shantal struggling for a foothold. Courtney defeated Shantal with much panache and then battled Haley at Mount Olympus, emerging as the winner. Meanwhile, Joshua Porter won against Blake, but lost to Will Sutton after suffering an injury at Mount Olympus.

It was a night worth remembering, and here are the best moments.

Nuts N Bolts

Shantal Athill (NBC)

From the start, Shantal was behind Courtney when it came to stripping weights off the obstacle. Courtney moved for the rope with over 350 lbs still on her wall. It was a curious call, as she was barely able to tip the wall over. Shantal could have overtaken her at this point, but Courtney was able to run back, remove more weight, and win. Courtney's desire to win showed in her face as she tipped the wall over. 

Lunar Impact

Courtney didn't give Shantal a chance here. She climbed up to the ledge and already began to push against the wall, with Shantal barely having time to push back. That one misstep on the ladder cost Shantal 'Lunar Impact' as well as a chance on Mount Olympus.

Over The Edge

Blake Broadhurst and Joshua Porter (NBC)

This match was over before you could even blink. In just 35 seconds, Joshua Porter pulled the rope first and pulled the stone to his side. And in doing this, he became the Titan contender.

The Battle For Mount Olympus

Joshua Porter (NBC)

The frustrating part was that Joshua Porter almost had this. Both he and Will Sutton were neck-to-neck for quite a way through the match, till the cage crawl. Joshua suffered a slight injury after the cage crawl, and here on, he was too exhausted after that, though he still determinedly pulled at the ball and chain. Though Will Sutton might have won the night, Joshua definitely earned the respect of fans with his will and determination. It's not over yet for Joshua, and he still has a chance in the Regional Finals next week.

Courtney doesn't give up 

This was a close one. Haley, who had won two rounds at Mount Olympus before, lost to Courtney at Mount Olympus, even though the two were almost neck-to-neck. Yet, Courtney took over the ball and chain, with Haley just a few seconds behind her. It was a tough match, but Courtney was definitely the woman who won the night with her strength, power and positive spirit.

'The Titan Games' airs on NBC, Mondays at 8 pm.

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