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EXCLUSIVE| 'The Titan Games' finalist Kaleb Ridden on his bond with Joe Thomas and the 'goofy' Dwayne Johnson

Among the other participants from the Central Region, Kaleb Ridden has one last shot to claim the title of Titan before advancing further in the competition
Kaleb Redden, Joe Thomas (Steve Dietl/NBC)
Kaleb Redden, Joe Thomas (Steve Dietl/NBC)

Kaleb Redden or 'Doc Thor', put up a tough performance in the previous episode of 'The Titan Games', and it seems as if he won't go down in the third episode without a fight either. Among the other participants from the Central Region, he has one last shot to claim the title of Titan before advancing further in the competition. Redden spoke to MEA WorldWide(MEAWW) about his experiences on the show. 

Redden said, "I think the biggest thing was just trying to take it all in and just stay in the moment and and honestly just perform well and not trip or fall down or, you know, make a fool of myself on national television."

His fears of falling on national TV aside, there was something else that spurred Redden to do the show. Crediting his children for the efforts he put in, he said: "I'm the type of person who looks at all opportunities equally. So you can never look at the value of an opportunity before you experience it and say, well, this is going to be something that benefits my life or not. You gotta take all the opportunities that you can get that and then play the cards and see what type of value that you've experienced from it. When the site reached out to me and asked if I had interest, my first thought was my family would absolutely go crazy if they could be a part of this. If there's any chance  that it can provide this type of experience for my kids, then I've got to do it. So the ultimate deciding factor was my children. They're big fans of Dwayne Johnson and they're big fans of the Titan games and American Ninja Warrior." 

"Hollywood was an eye opener for me. I've done lots and lots of interviews. Lots of public speaking. I've been on camera a lot. But this [The Titan Games] was about the rigorous schedule and the amount of time. The difficult work that goes into producing a TV show or a movie, you know, I was just blown away at how long the hours were, how difficult it was and how many people it took and how much equipment and that lifestyle is like working in the film industry. So that was definitely an eye opener for me. " He was especially appreciative of all the producers and the film crew. He said: "All the people who are helping us while we were there, like the makeup, the folks who were escorting us around the compound like that, those people are phenomenal people too. Everyone that I met, was top notch class."

Redden lost to NFL great Joe Thomas in the previous episode. He says that the two are good friends. "We have a strangely enough, a very strong bond. We sent a text message through a group text it's about every day."  

Speaking about the host, Dwayne Johnson, he says, "He's motivating. He's down to earth. He's funny, and got a rough raunchy kind of goofy sense of humor that I love. He's super calm. I love that. He's really kindhearted. There were times, where him and I were chatting and he just would turn his mic off and turn the cameras off." 

'The Titan Games' airs on NBC at 8pm, Mondays.