'The Titan Games' Season 2 Episode 7 Preview: Former Titans and participants return for last shot at redemption

'The Titan Games' Season 2 Episode 7 Preview: Former Titans and participants return for last shot at redemption
Exodus Rogers and Jessie Graff (NBC, Steve Dietl)

It's time for the final battle in the Western Region. Reigning Titans Noah Palicia and Margaux Alvarez defended their Titan titles against Wayne Skivington and Lindsey Hamm or 'Hamminator' as she was called. 

The episode was a gruelling one. Wayne had put up a tough fight against Robbie Rodriguez in 'Lunar Impact'. Both men displayed an extraordinary show of brilliance and strength. It was a show of sweat and blood as Wayne's legs began to bleed. Despite that, Wayne still managed to win against Robbie. It seemed as if Wayne's steely will and determination will get him through the night, but alas, he was defeated by Noah at Mount Olympus. This was Noah's third consecutive victory at Mount Olympus, as he had defeated Victor Cruz and Exodus Rogers previously. Yet, the final war still remains for Noah, as Wayne, along with Cruz and Exodus will return for a one last chance at redemption. Can Noah keep his Titan title? 

Margaux will have to face Lindsey Hamm again, along with Jessie Graff and Kelly Valdez. Margaux had displayed her strength and will consistently for the past two episodes, but one last challenge lies for her, in the West. Can she retain her Titan title?

Jessie Graff in the upcoming episode (Steve Dietl, NBC)

The episode synopsis reads as, "Superbowl champion Victor Cruz and professional stuntwoman and “American Ninja Warrior” star Jessie Graff return along with four other top competitors for one last shot at redemption. The contenders must face off in a brand-new three-way battle before advancing to a classic head-to-head competition. The last competitors standing must defeat the reigning Titans on Mt. Olympus to advance to the championship round. Dwayne Johnson serves as Host while Cari Champion and Alex Mendez serve as commentators."

After this, we will move to the Eastern region and more exhausting battles await the participants. Some of the challenges include 'Nuts N Bolts', 'Lunar Impact', 'Chain Linked', 'Kick Out', where the participants are tested on their upper body strength, strategy and presence of mind. After this, the winners will take on a hand-picked Titan at Mount Olympus and if they win, they become the reigning Titan.

'The Titan Games' is hosted by Dwayne Johnson. It airs on Mondays at 8 pm, NBC. Tune in for all the action.

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