'The Third Day' Episode 5 Preview: Will Helen find Sam alive or is he dead?

'The Third Day' Episode 5 Preview: Will Helen find Sam alive or is he dead?

Spoilers for 'The Third Day' Episode 5 titled 'Tuesday – The Daughter' 

In the end, after all those efforts to leave Osea Island, Sam (Jude Law) decides to stay back for his possibly alive son. When the show, which is divided into two parts titled Summer and Winter returned for the latter, Sam was nowhere to be seen. In the 12-hour live special that ran on HBO's Facebook page titled Autumn, audiences see Sam go through a grueling process to become the Father of Osea Island, finally fulfilling his destiny. 

In Episode 4 titled 'Monday – The Mother', new characters are introduced, Helen (Naomie Harris) and her two daughters, Ellie (Nico Parker) and Tallulah (Charlotte Gairdner-Mihell). The group arrives on the mysterious island for a surprise birthday celebration for Ellie.

But soon after their arrival, they only see ominous signs that dictate them to leave the island immediately. Helen, however, wants to give her daughter the birthday she deserves - regardless of whether Ellie wants to or not. 

Despite the signs, Helen perseveres and moves from inn to inn looking for a room for her daughters. And when they finally think they can rest their tired bodies in a supposedly furnished spa, the family of three is in for a surprise. When they try to flee the island following this, they are unable to because their car is stolen. 

At the end of the previous episode, Helen and her girls snuggle up in a room they find at the Martins' (Emily Watson and Paddy Considine). It seems like they can finally get started on the vacation they needed. Only there's a twist - as it turns out, Helen is Sam's wife here at Osea Island to look for her missing husband. We know this as we see a shot of their family as a whole. 


The question is will Helen find Sam? More importantly, after all that, is he alive at all? Will we ever see Katherine Waterston's Jess make an appearance in Episode 2 of Winter? They had sex early on in the series and she had also mentioned how she conceives at the drop of a hat. Any chance that the pregnant woman that Mrs Martin was referring to in the previous episode is her? 

According to the official synopsis of the previous episode, "Helen reveals her true intentions in coming to Osea and is pressed on her past; a unique girl befriends Ellie and offers to take her to a mysterious place that is forbidden to outsiders." 

Who is this new girl? Will she bring harm to Ellie? 'The Third Day' episode 5, titled 'Tuesday - The Daughter', is slated to be released on Monday, October 12, 2020, at 9 pm ET on HBO. The episodes will be available to stream on HBO Max following the airing.

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