'The Third Day' Episode 5: Confused fans say one needs to smoke 'something really good' to understand the show

'The Third Day' Episode 5: Confused fans say one needs to smoke 'something really good' to understand the show

Spoilers for 'The Third Day' Episode 5 titled 'Tuesday - The Daughter' 

'The Third Day' aired its penultimate episode earlier tonight. The HBO miniseries that follows a husband and wife as they travel to a mysterious island and somehow become intertwined with the odd, rather creepy happenings there. The latest episode packed a fair bit of intrigue with high tensions, which, despite running at a slow pace, finally offers some much-needed insight into the storyline and character backstories.

In Episode 5, Naomie Harris' Helen, who arrives on the island looking for her missing husband (Jude Law), is without a doubt the star. Well, the actress has been the star of the show ever since Episode 4 when 'The Third Day' moved to its second chapter. In the penultimate episode of the miniseries, the actress makes revelations about her dead son, is continuing the search for her missing husband, helps a pregnant woman, delivers the baby of said pregnant woman without knowing the father is actually her husband, puts her (surviving) daughters' lives in jeopardy yet again and then heads on to confront her husband. 

For fans of the actress, this is a delightful treat. "Naomie Harris is five-alarm great in tonight’s The Third Day, the rare miniseries that has me dying to see what’s going to happen as we head into the finale," tweeted a fan.


At the same time, however, many viewers simply can't get over the fact that characters put their life in peril despite receiving warnings of otherwise. "I know Ellie is a kid but I'd never be alone in a cave with anyone with such dilated pupils, talking about gods, lighting candles and shit. #TheThirdDay," tweeted a fan, when Ellie (Nico Parker) followed the stranger (played by Freya Allan) into the cave. 


Why would you do the very thing that ten others are asking you not to? Disregarding every horror movie trope, characters on 'The Third Day' arrive at Osea Island and, well, fall in trouble. "I started watching The Third Day on HBO and it’s like one giant scary movie flag after another. Like I’m sry but whatever happens to you ppl in this show is your own fault," tweeted another fan. 


And many others can only agree. "Me watching The Third Day on HBO is like me giving multiple chances to people who will never change but I decided to give a chance anyway," one fan quipped. 


Meanwhile, some fans still haven't gotten a grip of what is going on on Osea Island and 'The Third Day'. Five episodes in, with back stories revealed and plenty of context provided, many viewers might not find the show confusing but even with all that, 'The Third Day' makes for a tricky watch specifically because of its storytelling technique. "I have given #TheThirdDay everything I got and I am still confused AF! I have come to the conclusion you have to be smoking something really good to get this. I give up. #hbo #overit," wrote a fan. 


'The Third Day' airs 9 to 10 pm EST on HBO. The episodes will be available to stream on HBO Max following the airing.

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