'The Suicide Squad': Will James Gunn's reboot fix the previous film's mistakes? Fans say it will be 'amazing'

'Guardians Of Galaxy' director James Gunn will be taking on the reins of 'The Suicide Squad', which will release next year

                            'The Suicide Squad': Will James Gunn's reboot fix the previous film's mistakes? Fans say it will be 'amazing'
'Suicide Squad' (IMDB)

The world is down in the dumps due to the coronavirus pandemic and celebrities are doing all they can to lift fans' spirits. Just a while ago, James Gunn conducted a Q & A on his Instagram stories, where fans quizzed him about his upcoming films, including 'The Suicide Squad' and the future 'Guardian Of The Galaxy' (GOTG) films.

Gunn answered that 'The Suicide Squad' is coming along "nicely." Only after he wraps up work on this, can we expect the third GOTG. And sorry folks, there's no fourth film, Gunn has emphatically said.

Coming back to 'The Suicide Squad', many fans are eager to see what Gunn would do with this film. Considering that the previous film, 'Suicide Squad' (2016), was panned unanimously by critics and fans alike, there's much hope that this film would redeem the mistakes of the previous one. Despite having an excellent premise, the plot was executed haphazardly and appeared rather fragmented. Characters that had great potential to add to the story were sidelined, and it all became a part of a congealed mass of tattoos and funky hair. It takes special talent to sign on a star like Will Smith and still deliver an unsatisfactory film. For instance, at the beginning of the film, Smith's character Deadshot's powers are right on a track like in the comics, but as the film progresses, his powers appear underutilized and almost a waste. Katana's confusing role in the film added to the mess as well. In other words, a badly-written script and stuffed with too many characters is what did 'Suicide Squad' in.

Will Gunn, who is foraying into DC for the first time, be able to fix the mistakes of the earlier film? Will the characters get the justice they deserve? Gunn has proved that he is comic gold with the GOTG films, but 'The Suicide Squad' requires a different darkness and edginess to it. All said and done, fans are eagerly waiting to see what Gunn can offer. "I know suicide squad is going to be AMAZING!!!!! Can't wait," a fan tweeted.

Meanwhile, fans are busy slamming the first film on Twitter, and calling it "awful."

"Suicide Squad is a mess of good concepts and bad executions, unfortunately Viola gave her A material in a movie that didn't needed it," a fan wrote, praising Viola Davis's performance.

"Suicide Squad was just awful," wrote another fan

"Margot Robbie really did the best she could with what they gave her in Suicide Squad, I’ma say that," tweeted a fan. Margot Robbie played the role of Harley Quinn in the film.

"Suicide Squad is so bad, literally hurts to watch," tweeted a fan.

"Suicide Squad is a fun movie if you can past the fact that it is not good," wrote another fan.

'The Suicide Squad' is slated to release on August 6, 2021. 

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