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'The Society' season 2: It may be possible that the parents voluntarily sent their kids away in the first place

The children on 'The Society' were bereft of any parental supervision. Our guess is that the parents themselves put the children in this situation

Netflix delivered an impressive mystery with its young adult thriller series titled 'The Society'. First premiered on the service on May 10, 'The Society' is a thriller that follows a group of teenagers who find themselves mysteriously transported to a facsimile of their posh New England town, West Ham. But, away from their homes and parents, the children must now figure out how to survive without parental supervision – or any kind of code of conduct – and also find a way to get back home. 

Our first look into 'The Society' begins with Kathryn Newton's Allie Pressman making a desperate phone call to her mother seeking for help. First impressions according to the trailer had us believing that the show was going to be another over the top portrayal of the American teen life. 


While it doesn't fall victim to that, the show does a marvellous job of creating a dystopian setting that requires the teenagers to rebuild civilization – afresh with rules and regulations regarding food, welfare, distribution of resources, agriculture, and guns and ammunition. There is also a committee put in place that is trying to figure out what had exactly happened to them the day they left school for their field trip and how they landed up in this facsimile. 

To begin with, the children were all picked up to go on a field trip. We are shown them bidding (absolutely normal) farewells to their parents before they board the school buses waiting to drive them on the trip. 

Next, we know, the buses are driving back to the school while all the kids on the buses are asleep. They then wake up all groggy and confused, wait for their parents to come to pick them. 

Once the reality of what has happened dawns on them, the teenagers begin to desperately figure out a way to get back home. They run the perimeters of their town (which they now call New Ham), try to send out drones and even a team that fails and comes back with one member dead – but there is no way of knowing what has happened. 

This brings us to our theory about the parents: what if it is the parents who have voluntarily gotten rid of their children? 

In the final scene of the first season, we see Allie and Cassandra (played by Rachel Keller) Pressman's mother reading out to young children. Behind her, there is a plaque commemorating the teenagers the town lost that day. 

But the parents could be shady. According to the document, Sam (played by Sean Beardy) found in the city hall, their parents had apparently failed to pay some man named Pfeiffer to remove a pungent smell plaguing the town. To get back to them, Pfeiffer decided to kidnap the children. We're thinking the parents knew this retaliation would be next if they refused to make payment and that's exactly what they did. 

Now the question is why?  We will have to wait till 2020 to get answers when 'The Society' returns for a second season.