'The Society' needs to return for a season 2 to give a happy ending to Sam and Grizz's love story

'The Society' needs to return for a season 2 to give a happy ending to Sam and Grizz's love story

'The Society' by Netflix is one of the most twisted shows we have seen. Not twisted in the kind of way that 'The 100' is, but in the way that messes with your head.  There are a lot of bad things happening simultaneously on 'The Society' – there are murders, betrayals, backstabbing, the struggle to gain control and power and just, pure vile [ we are looking at you Toby Wallace's Campbell Eliot] people.

But even in the mysteriously nasty world of New Ham, where the teenagers have been transported to, things aren't all that bad – some (very lucky) people have the love and comfort of a loved one. 

And while there are several relationships in 'The Society' that are worth shipping, Sam Eliot (played by Sean Berdy) and Grizz (Jack Mulhern) is the one closest to our hearts.


At the beginning of the young adult series, Sam and Grizz can't quite figure it out but they have a connection. Both of them, in their own capacities, are nurturing a sincere longing for companionship.

Sam and Grizz bid farewell before Grizz leaves on his expedition to find farmland near New Ham (Image: Netflix)

Sam and Grizz's undeniable connection is evident right from the beginning – so much so that literally every interaction they have on the screen in the first half of the series leading up to the finale is endearing. 

The boys haven't exactly spent a lot of time together before coming to New Ham. In the first half, the makers even hint at hesitation at Grizz's end regarding his sexuality.

But when stripped of all those inhibitions, Grizz is dedicated to Sam – he has never done it, but he learns the sign language to talk to Sam better (albeit he learns the wrong one with the British Sign Language). 


The relationship, however, isn't all that easy considering how there are external factors involved (Gideon Adlon's Becca Gleb's child – a responsibility that Sam had voluntarily decided to take up after she told him about her pregnancy). 

The season finale ended with Grizz successfully discovering that there is a farmland near New Ham. Before he left on that expedition, Sam and he parted on sad terms. By this point, Grizz was only aware of the half information – that Sam is the father of Becca's child. What he doesn't know is that Sam hasn't fathered the child – he has taken up the responsibility.

We can't be too sure about what turn their relationship takes from here – will they reconcile, will Sam tell Grizz the truth, will they remain broken up? But one thing we can tell for sure is that Becca and her child will have a role in their dynamic.

The connection that Sam and Grizz share is perhaps the only pure and raw aspect of a show that is embroiled in scandal. It is a connection that we hope will survive till the second season. 



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