'The Sims Spark'd' Episode 3 Preview: Contestants gear up for one-on-one challenges in the ultimate standoff

The contestants will go head-to-head in individual challenges, and for once, teamwork will not be a deciding factor in the competition

                            'The Sims Spark'd' Episode 3 Preview: Contestants gear up for one-on-one challenges in the ultimate standoff

In a surprising turn of events, Team Gnome has gone home, and now it's just Team Llama and Team Cowplant left in the race for the highest stakes in 'The Sims' competition. With $100,000 on the line, for once, teamwork is not going to be a problem for the challenges ahead. The contestants are going to go one on one against one another; stylist against stylist, builder against builder, and storyteller against storyteller in a Sims standoff for the ages.

With the teams selected at random, teamwork has been a major part of the fails within some of the teams through the competition so far. Team Llama in particular has had trouble with disruptive team members, as DrGluon and Xmiramira fight for creative control. Team Cowplant has worked relatively better with one another through the series thus far, but they lose that advantage at a crucial moment for the final rounds, as the competition now comes down purely to the skill of each individual role within the group. 

Steph0Sims is feeling like a bit of a liability for Cowplant, at the moment, as her closest friends were eliminated from the competition when Team Gnome went home. She'll be going up against DrGluon in the storyteller-vs-storyteller round. Despite her reservations, Steph0sims definitely has a leg up in this challenge, as DrGluon's storytelling has consistently been his team's greatest weakness.

Doctor Ashley will be facing SimLicy as the builders battle each other. While Doctor Ashley has been responsible for some of the competition's more impressive builds, it will be fascinating to see what SimLicy has a chance to do when her two teammates aren't bickering in each ear as she tries to create her Sims world.

Finally, the stylist-vs-stylist challenge pits Xmiramira against Little Siha. Xmiramira proved herself as a storyteller the last episode, but as a stylist, she's no slouch. Last week, however, Little Siha's character designs were a big part of giving Team Cowplant a decisive victory and a leg up in the elimination round challenge that kept them in the competition.

Which team are you rooting for? Who do you think will win? Find out as the finale draws closer on this week's episode of 'The Sims Spark'd.' This episode of 'The Sims Spark'd' airs on July 31 on TBS, with a repeat broadcast on the Buzzfeed Multiplayer YouTube channel on August 3.

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