'The Sims Spark'd' Episode 2 Preview: The Sims go supernatural as stress rises and cash prize gets closer

'The Sims Spark'd' Episode 2 Preview: The Sims go supernatural as stress rises and cash prize gets closer

It's week 2 of this designing, styling and storytelling contest and the contestants are much closer to the $100,000 cash prize. Teams Gnome, Llama and Cowplant are still in the running after saying farewell to Team Freezerbunny and the pressure is only going to ramp up from here. The pressure isn't exclusively coming from the competition, however, because not all contestants have learned yet quite how to play along. Last week saw just how important it is for a team's members to be able to work together. The teams with the most inner conflict consistently came out worse in the competition, as SpringSim's inability to handle his personal anxieties with the pressure put on him by his teammates led to an incomplete project that was responsible for sending Team Freezerbunny home. Team Llama narrowly avoided the same fate, as DrGluon's insistence on taking control over the project led to a mess of storytelling in both rounds.

Next episode, the contestants are about to go supernatural, with a challenge featuring a supernatural theme and another video challenge. Hopefully, the contestants have learned to make the most of their limited time to create a more polished video, because the competition is going to be unyielding. Vampires, aliens, ghosts and more are all big features of 'The Sims' games and it will be fascinating to see what ways the contestants use a supernatural element in their storytelling. Team Gnome may have an advantage here yet again - their intricate, well-crafted design of witch's home in the very first challenge round is what earned them that first crucial win.

Team Llama, for their part, appear to be running up against the same problems. A promo at the end of last episode shows that Xmiramira and DrGluon are still going head-to-head with each other over creative control for the projects they're working on. However, the stress is getting to everyone, as projects they're used to working on over several days at a relaxed pace now need to be rushed and perfected within hours. 'The Sims' is not a game here, rather a no-holds-barred competition.

This episode of 'The Sims' airs on Friday, July 24, on TBS, with a repeat broadcast on Monday, July 27, on Buzzfeed's 'Multiplayer' YouTube channel.

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