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'The Sims Spark'd': DrGluon takes control and silences Xmiramira, upset gamers believe 'she deserves better'

DrGluon's controlling style of storytelling has many fans upset with his treatment of the rest of Team Llama

Spoilers for 'The Sims Spark'd' Season 1 Episode 1

The first episode that turns 'The Sims' into an eSport reality TV competition aired today and fans are definitely feeling the stress. Forced to compete against one another in limited time challenges, prominent online players of 'The Sims' are put into teams selected at random — and not all of them are happy about their teammate selections. During the show, Xmiramira expressed repeated frustration with DrGluon taking control of the narrative — literally. DrGluon dictated what the story of the game should be with selective hearing when it came to the opinions of the rest of Team Llama and fans were not happy with DrGluon's methods.

Xmiramira already has a fan following online who were excited for her appearance on the show — "I’m entirely here purely for @Xmiramira's facial expressions and reactions skskskks ilysm sis, while I've got you, on behalf of all of us, the #blacksimmer, thank you for the melanin pack. I made a sim self that actually looked like me and cried for like 20mins," writes a fan, referencing the skins pack that Xmiramira created to reflect a variety of Black skin tones — which is what makes the fans extra upset on Xmiramira's behalf. 

"I am upset bc The Sims is a safe space for me and these dynamics are just so damn typical," writes a fan, Twitter. "If I had the range to write a think piece on the dynamics I witnessed. whew." writes another. "I have never been this stressed watching people play sims," says this viewer. "The way they keep silencing Mira is upsetting me and my homegirls," says a fan. 

"Dude your last story was whack. So we just going to ignore Mira? Like she doesn’t exist. This is making me mad," says one tweet, addressing DrGluon. Fans have plenty of harsh words for the man they're calling "Captain Fez". "I’m not a fan of this guy, DrGluon needs to sit down and be quiet. let the black woman speak, she's got good ideas," wrote one user. "Look, I know @Xmiramira was selected as a stylist but don't sleep on her storytelling. There's a reason her Let's Plays were so popping!!!" 

Over and over again, there were calls for the teams to be switched around, believing that Xmiramira deserves better. "Nah @Xmiramira deserves a better teammate bc fez-man is just loud and wrong," said one fan. "Mira deserves better, captain fez over here doing too much," wrote another. "Mira deserves better. Flat tf out. Captain fez doing too much already.." said a third, reinforcing the message.

As for Xmiramira herself, she had just one thing to say on her own Twitter account - "I clearly needed a hug." The next episode of 'The Sims Spark'd' airs July 24, on TBS, with a repead broadcast on Buzzfeed's Multiplayer YouTube channel on July 27.