'The Simpsons' Season 32 Episode 6: Lisa Simpson's voice actor Yeardley Smith makes a meta-cameo as herself

A show about true crime podcasts features a cameo from true crime podcaster Yeardley Smith, who is also the voice of Lisa Simpson

                            'The Simpsons' Season 32 Episode 6: Lisa Simpson's voice actor Yeardley Smith makes a meta-cameo as herself
Yeardley Smith, 'The Simpsons' (Getty Images, FOX)

It turns out that no-one is safe from a little good-natured ribbing on 'The Simpsons' - not even their own voice actors. In an episode that makes fun of true crime podcasters, they brought in a cameo from the most familiar true crime podcaster they know as Yeardley Smith, the voice behind Lisa Simpson, makes at cameo as herself, much to the amusement and delight of the show's fans.

On 'Podcast News', Marge (Julie Kavner) and Lisa's (Yeardley Smith) obsession with true crime podcasts takes a tark turn when an attempt to stay relevant to modern times sees Kent Brockman (Harry Shearer) start a true crime podcast of his own - and he pins Abe Simpson (Dan Castellaneta) as the primary suspect. Mobs immediately form outside the Simpson' home, believing that they're harboring a murderer, as Brockman's ratings go through the roof.

While celebrating with other true crime podcasters, they're visited by Yeardley Smith - herself a true crime podcast host for 'Small Town Dicks' - who tells Brockman that true crime podcasts should not be used to fuel needless speculation that harms the lives of innocent people. Brockman brushes her off - though he does note that her voice is familiar in a way that he just can't put his finger on. Yeardley says that she knows him from her podcast, and, in a wink to the audience, adds, "...and nowhere else."

The joke was not lost on the fans. "i love that you had Yeardley in there and she was like "and nowhere else"... Reminds me of that old old episode where you lampooned Matt Groening," writes a fan, on Twitter. "@YeardleySmith voicing herself? Too meta," writes another. "That @YeardleySmith voice sounds familiar joke was hilarious," writes a viewer. "Hey, it's podcaster Yeardley Smith! I wonder where we've heard her before?" jokes this user.













The episode must have been a lot of fun for Yeardley Smith herself, as she voices both herself as a true crime podcaster, and as Lisa becoming an obsessed fan of the same. It's a great meta joke for fans of the show.

The next episode of 'The Simpsons' airs November 22 at 8:30 PM ET, on FOX.

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