'The School Nurse Files' Ending Explained: Season 2 possible with Safe Happiness and monsters' fates unclear

'The School Nurse Files', over its first six episodes, introduced us to an interesting nurse who sees a world that is invisible to others. It is made up of monster jellies and ghosts that want revenge

                            'The School Nurse Files' Ending Explained: Season 2 possible with Safe Happiness and monsters' fates unclear

'The School Nurse Files' has possibly been one of the most confusing shows as it began as fun and entertaining about a nurse who has the ability to see a different world where desires fuel jelly monsters. These monsters are of different varieties. From ugly giant fish like ones to cute tiny octopus-like ones -- we see nurse Eun-young fight different kinds of monsters every episode. It is intriguing, how the show transitions between what is absurd and what is real. 

Eun-young is equipped to fight these monsters with a lightsaber that is straight out of a toy store and a gun that looks like it was designed by NERF. The weapons work for her and the teacher that she meets at her new school (Hong In-pyo) has an intriguing capability too. He cannot see the jelly-like monsters, but what he can do is give Eun-young enough aura to fuel her weapons and use his aura as a weapon to attack monsters like she did in the first episode. However, over the season, we are introduced to an enemy who uses people like Eun-young to earn money, and then there is also the legend of the Apji Stone that the school is set upon as well. The school was built on a cursed pond that has now transformed into a great source of power. 

A still of Eun-young in 'The School Nurse Files'. (Netflix)

At the moment, there are two forces that are struggling to fight over the ownership of this piece of land. One is the Safe Happiness company that has employed other individuals to earn money. Then there is In-pyo's grandfather who had built the school on the land all those years ago in the first place. As the two sides struggled, by the end, the school became deeply ingrained with different kinds of monsters and after an unfortunate incident that involved the death of her friend from school, even nurse Eun-young loses her power to see the jelly monster. 

The day she resigns from her position in school as a result of losing her powers is the day the school is taken over by negative energy that influences the students and the teachers to hurt each other physically and verbally. Except for members of Safe Happiness -- two of whom are employed as teachers in the school -- and In-pyo, everyone seems weird. At this time, Eun-young, who had finally got what she had wished for -- a jelly monster free world -- is forced to return. She learns that students and teachers from her school had been in a coma since that afternoon due to mysterious reasons. 

A still of Hong In-pyo in 'The School Nurse Files'. (Netflix)

And so, she decides to begin by first facing the enemies who had been invisible before. Her best friend, who she had trusted more than her family, ended up betraying her and worked along with Safe Happiness in trying to claim the piece of land that has the buried pond underneath. Once Eun-young confronts her, things turn ugly and this anger pushes Eun-young to return to her school and fight the monsters despite not having the powers. The moment she gets close to the Apji stone, however, her powers return and she hurries to get her saber and holds on to In-pyo to give her energy and strength.

We do not exactly see if the two managed to wipe out all the monsters in the basement of the school, but the show ends with the school being reopened with a few teachers being replaced. What happened to In-pyo after the battle or if Safe Happiness is also neutralized is something that the show's climax did not address. Does this mean we will get another season where we will see In-pyo and Eun-young confront Safe Happiness? Also, we are yet to learn about In-pyo's condition and how he has a shield that protects him from jelly monsters or any other kind of monsters. 

'The School Nurse Files' episodes are all available to be streamed on Netflix. 

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