'The Romanoffs' sneak peek on 'Panorama': Let's play the blame game

The second sneak peek for 'The Romanoffs' sixth chapter 'Panorama' is out and it looks like we'll be seeing a lot of quiet contemplations through this week's episode

                            'The Romanoffs' sneak peek on 'Panorama': Let's play the blame game

'The Romanoffs' is back with their sixth anthology this week and from the looks of it, they will be tackling romance in this episode. The second sneak peek for the sixth chapter 'Panorama' is out and it looks like we'll be seeing a lot of quiet contemplations through this week's episode. We see Victoria Hayward on a balcony overlooking the city with Abel as they share a smoke and talk about the city outside. The churches, the "palatios", twinkle in the night as the two discuss Victoria's plans to leave. She still hasn't figured it out, she says and they talk about her boy — and she blames herself for the way he is. This clip seems to be talking about the story towards the end of the episode.


In the first sneak peek for 'Panorama', we had seen a frantic woman waiting for her ride along with her disabled son tackling a problem as old as time — the language barrier. Her driver doesn't understand a word of English and she cannot take a cab due to her son's condition. The woman turns out to be Victoria Hayward, the idealistic journalist. Abel's character is introduced soon after, as he decides he must help her out. He asks her if he could speak to her driver and get them home. After the call, Victoria is almost a second away from batting her eyelashes at Abel — clearly, she also thought he was gorgeous and kind. They chat a little as the car comes around and the story begins. The air of paranoia, however, is perfectly placed in the scene and we keep wondering if he's too good to be true.

This time, the series takes us to Mexico City, as "an idealistic reporter falls in love with a mysterious subject". The subject is Juan Pablo Castaneda's character Abel, who we know very little about. Even in this trailer, he speaks very little about himself, even when pushed to talk about his life. He urges Victoria to speak saying he likes listening to her. Crazy or just a good listener? We'll just have to wait and see!

Written and directed by Matt Weiner, this anthology stars Radha Mitchell as Victoria Hayward, Juan Pablo Castañeda as Abel, Griffin Dunne as Frank Sheffield and Paul Luke Bonenfant as Nick Hayward. This is the second time that Weiner has taken sole charge of writing an episode in the eight-part anthology series, the first being the premiere chapter for 'The Romanoffs' ___'The Violet Hour'. It was also Weiner's take on a love story and was one of the better stories from the series so far. Although bizarre, it dealt with the obsession that comes from believing to be a Romanoff and how far people are willing to go just so a bloodline could continue. His last chapter, 'Bright and High Circle' was a miss, so let's hope the show wows us with this one. 

'The Romanoffs' airs every Friday on Amazon Prime Video.