'The Romanoffs' Panorama sneak-peek: A journalist falls in love with his mysterious subject

The Romanoffs is back with their sixth chapter, Panorama, starring Radha Mitchell, Juan Pablo Castañeda and Griffin Dunne as Frank Shefflied among others.

                            'The Romanoffs' Panorama sneak-peek: A journalist falls in love with his mysterious subject

'The Romanoffs' is back with their sixth anthology this week and from the looks of it, it's set to be a romance. Called 'Panorama' the series takes us to Mexico City this week, as "an idealistic reporter falls in love with his mysterious subject." While we are entirely unsure of who this mystery subject is, the promo for the chapter makes us pretty certain its Juan Pablo Castaneda's character Pablo. 

The clip shows a frantic woman waiting for her ride along with her disabled son tackling a problem as old as time - the language barrier. Her driver doesn't understand a word of English and she cannot take a cab due to her son's condition. As the son waits for his mum to figure things out, there's a man nearby wondering what is going on. He steps in to help and speaks to the driver in fluent Spanish, solving her problem in a jiffy. He introduces himself as Abel, as the woman, who we find out is Victoria Hayward, looks starstruck. He's gorgeously chiseled and handsome in every sense of the word, but 'The Romanoffs' has a history of making the good looking ones crazy. 


This chapter in the 8 part series stars Radha Mitchell as Victoria Hayward, Juan Pablo Castañeda as Abel, Griffin Dunne as Frank Shefflied and Paul Luke Bonenfant as Nick Hayward. 'Panorama' is written and directed by directed by Matthew Weiner. 




The last Romanoffs episode received a lot of negative reviews from critics and the audience alike. Called 'Bright and High Circle', the chapter was accused of being bizarre and unnecessary. While the plotline was confusing, Weiner's story lost its direction trying to prove a point. The point, that ultimately, got lost in the storytelling. It was Weiner's attempt to address the #Metoo movement and he did it in the most redundant way, the audience felt. Overall too, the anthology hasn't really picked up many fans. It is perhaps because of the weak plots and the fact that it doesn't really delve deep into the theme of the show - the descendants of the Russian imperial family. They've been placed as showpieces in the stories, especially in 'Bright and High Circle'. Their ancestry holds no real meaning and it is perhaps why the show's fans are losing interest quickly and steadily. 

The actual story of the royal family is pretty gory and the show fails to address any of that, which was an assumption many fans had before the show aired. A bit of a history lesson: in 1918, the members of the Russian imperial family, the House of Romanov, were executed by a firing squad in Yekaterinburg, Russia. It happened during both the Russian Civil War and near the end of the First World War. At the time, they were all believed to be dead. After the fire died down, a number of people came forward claiming to have survived the execution. 

'The Romanoffs' airs every Friday on Amazon Prime Video.