'The Romanoffs': Amanda Peet likes 'Expectations' faux ending

'The Romanoffs': Amanda Peet likes 'Expectations' faux ending

Out of all the shows slated this season, Amazon Prime's 'Romanoffs' stands out - and for good reason. The anthology series inspired by the Russian imperial family just released its fourth installment aptly named 'Expectations' and blew us all away. The plot explored the themes of love, motherhood, heartache, and delusion, all the while keeping in mind that the inspiration shines through.

While the focus may first look like it is on Eric, the Romanoff, it is his wife Julia who really stands out, especially during the dream sequence that surprised us all. Actress Amanda Peet was stellar as Julia, the compulsive liar throughout the episode. In fact, it wouldn't be wrong to say that she seemed even more real by the end of the anthology. After all, reality is stranger than fiction. Peet too seems to believe that. In a recent interview with The Wrap, she said that it was the actual ending to the story that she really liked as well. "I think it’s really beautiful," Peet said. "I think the moment that a child sees their parent as a real human being, and flawed is really difficult to capture. And I wonder if it often happens around a grandchild’s birth. Becoming a mother yourself makes you rethink your perspective on your own mother."


The end in her head too, wasn't so bad, either. "I think it works as a fake-out," Peet said and she is absolutely right. Who would have thought that the elaborate story about coming clean to Eric about Ella and the happily ever after was just in her mind? "I don’t think it’s so obvious, so you don’t question it. If it were completely obvious then it wouldn’t work as a fake-out. I think it’s just this lovely wish fulfillment, fantasy she has," she said. 

Written by Semi Chelles and directed by Matt Weiner, 'Expectations' takes place in New York City. This installment starred Amanda Peet as Julia Wells, Jon Tenney as Eric Ford and Emily Rudd as Julia's very pregnant daughter Ella Hopkins. The next part of the series called 'Bright and High Circle' airs on November 2 on Amazon Prime. 

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