When will 'The Resident' Season 4 return? Here's what to expect from Conrad and team after Covid-19 break

The last episode had shown the hospital tackling a superbug infestation successfully

                            When will 'The Resident' Season 4 return? Here's what to expect from Conrad and team after Covid-19 break

While we are still fighting a global pandemic, television and web shows have to some extent helped us to take our minds off the stress. It is natural that fans were anxious when and if their favorite shows will return. One such popular show is ‘The Resident’. It is a medical drama series created by Amy Holden Jones, Hayley Schore and Roshan Sethi for the Fox Broadcasting Company.

The series is based on the book ‘Unaccountable’ by Marty Makary and focuses on the lives and duties of staff members at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. It also explores the bureaucratic practices of the hospital industry. The good news about the medical series being renewed for season four had arrived in May, we have a few other details for you.

Where we left off

Like many shows, this one also had to end abruptly ahead of its scheduled finale episode because of the pandemic. Episode 20, titled ‘Burn It All Down’ served as the final episode of season 3. The episode had a superbug outbreak track, which had a few similarities with what the world was going through at that time. In the episode, we see Nic (Emily VanCamp) treating Justine (Aisha Kabia), who is revealed to be Barrett Cain’s (Morris Chestnut) ex-girlfriend from college and it appeared that the two are still in love with each other.

Even though the hospital succeeds in containing the candida auris contamination, Derek's (Andy Ridings) recovery is hampered by candida auris which he got from Dawn Long's (Joanna P Adler ) ventilator. Cain’s help is required for Derek at the same time that Justine needs him. Derek's life is saved but it is not known if he’ll get back his eyesight. But sadly, Justine ultimately dies leaving Cain devastated. After the superbug invasion is leaked to the media, Kim (Rob Yang) offers to make Conrad (Matt Czuchry) the new face of the hospital, hinting that Cain's time at Chastain may be over after Cain stands up to Kim's threats.

What we'd like to see

Jones had told US Weekly, "Our premiere deals with the early days of the outbreak, focusing on the effect on our hero doctors and nurses as they risk their lives daily. Long-term, sadly, the after-effects of Covid-19 will go on, even after we have a vaccine, and we'll be there to show that as well."

The co-creator also revealed that "The Resident didn't need to bring in outside consultants to learn about the pandemic as we have a doctor and nurse on our writing staff who have lived it firsthand.” Dr Daniela Lamas wrote the premiere episode with MD Eric Lu. Lamas works in an ICU in Boston. Additionally, the show has an on-set nurse who has been volunteering in New York City and Texas.

Many returning shows will deal with the outbreak and consequences of Covid-19, and being a medical drama it is natural that ‘The Resident’ must address it as well. But it would be interesting to see how after containing a superbug, they deal with another health threat whose cure is unknown. And, of course, we would like to see what Conrad’s answer was to Kim’s offer and how the dynamics change between Conrad and Cain. How does the latter cope with the grief of losing a close one. 

When is it returning

Fox has still not divulged any details about the returning date of the series. We will update this space as soon as we get to know more details.

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