'The Red Shadows' Episode 1 sets diligent cop Aurore Garnier in pursuit of her long-lost sister Clara

'The Red Shadows' Episode 1 sets diligent cop Aurore Garnier in pursuit of her long-lost sister Clara
Aurore Garnier Paoletti (Sundance Now)

The much-awaited French crime drama, 'The Red Shadows', has dropped on Sundance Now. The show follows the tale of two sisters, separated at a young age. 

The series sees Nadia Farès as Aurore Garnier Paoletti, a police officer who handles every case with meticulous care, prioritizing her job over everything, including her family. 

Although she displays immense dedication towards her profession, a personal incident enabled her to work in the police department. Aurore's sister Clara was abducted at the age of four and her mother was killed during the handling of the ransom money.

It has been 25 years since the tragedy befell Aurore, but the unfortunate incident has gotten imprinted so strongly in her mind that she isn't able to stop obsessing over her long lost sister. 

During one of her investigations, Aurore finds a couple of photographs that were accidentally dropped by a fugitive while being chased. The girl in the picture shares an uncanny resemblance to her sister Clara. 

Using the pictures and data acquired from the Federal department's database, Aurore successfully traces the woman in the picture, only to learn her name is the same as her sister's.


She tries to get as much information from Clara (Manon Azem) in the pretext of the investigation but tells the truth when the latter begins to doubt Aurore's true intentions. 

Meanwhile, there is a wealth game occurring within Aurore's family as her grandparents have decided to sell their Sainte-Victoire Estate worth millions which will be divided between her and her brothers Frédéric (Raphaël Lenglet) and Gabriel Garnier (Lannick Gautry). 

Aurore, however, is least interested in the financial matters concerning her family, as she is rather worried about putting an end to the disturbing memories from her haunting childhood. Aurore’s only purpose in life is to unravel the mystery surrounding her mother’s death and sister’s abduction. 

The episode ends with Clara visiting a house by the beach, where she finds a couple of pictures of Aurore's family. The Garnier family is famously known in the region for its flourishing wealth. As the episode concludes we can’t help but wonder about Clara's intentions with the Garnier family. 

Are Clara's actions driven by her interest in the Garnier property, which she could inherit if she posed as the missing member of the family? Or, is she genuinely recovering her memory from the past which is now helping her connect the dots?

'The Red Shadows' airs every Thursday on Sundance Now.


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