The 'Real Housewives of Potomac' cast go make-up free and look absolutely gorgeous

The 'Real Housewives of Potomac' cast go make-up free and look absolutely gorgeous
Robyn Dixon (L) and Karen Hugher (Getty Images)

The 'Real Housewives of Potomac' is letting the world have a glimpse of what beauty looks like. The cast of the show decided to let go of their everyday makeup for People's upcoming 'Beautiful Issue.' The magazine is celebrating their upcoming issue by glorifying women at their best and sending a message which screams that beauty does not lie in concealers, eyeliners or mascara, but by one being the true self. 

After ladies from Dallas, Beverly Hills, New York, New Jersey, Atlanta and Orange County dazzled the no-makeup look, it was time for the Housewives of Potomac to bring on their A-game and without any doubt, these women were able to make everyone stop and stare with their natural looks. Opening up about their beauty routine, these ladies made people believe that it is alright to have insecurities but showed us how to rise above them. 

Karen Huger opened up about loving the marks on her face. She did not let them bring her down but rather chose to love them for setting her apart from everyone else. "I have always loved my beauty mark on my face. It says I’m different and different, for me, is empowering," she said. 


Karen Huger (Getty Images)

However, just like everyone else, Karen too has days when she feels down and conscious about her feature. But she does not let them get the better of her. "Honestly I’d always been self-conscious about my keen features," she confessed. "Now I accentuate them and call them out because they are uniquely me and beautiful." The reality star later added that she feels most beautiful when she is "surrounded by family and friends who I love."

Just like Karen, Robyn Dixon also let her guard down and let people have a glimpse of her natural beauty. Robyn confessed that she feels most beautiful "in the summertime". Her surroundings happen to bring in the feeling of finding oneself pretty and wonderful. "The tanned skin and natural boost from taking in Vitamin D make me feel beautiful and happy," she said. 


Robyn Dixon (Getty Images)

Robyn revealed that she opts to go make-up free most of the time. "I absolutely love being makeup-free," she confessed. " I am probably makeup-free 80 percent of the time. It feels great when I receive compliments from strangers on my appearance when I am not wearing any makeup."

While there is no surprise that Robyn looks her beautiful self even without makeup, there is one feature that she really loves about her self and it happens to be her eyes. "Of course, my eyes," she said when asked about a physical feature that she loves to play up with. "Whenever I wear anything green or blue, my eye color pops."

But as Robyn grew older, she realized what her skin needed and changed her beauty regime according to that. There are many things that she has learned about her skin and she tends to incorporate them into her regime and advises people to do the same. "I used to only wear bronzer, blush, and mascara but as I’ve gotten older I have learned to enjoy applying heavier makeup, foundation, concealer, powder, eyeshadow etc, in order to contrast from my usual natural look. It’s good to be able to switch things up!" she said. 

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