'RHOBH': Camille Grammer-Meyer calls Teddi Mellencamp's diet program 'Suspect', Kyle Richards comes to defense

After a Twitter account said Mellencamp's diet program was getting exposed, Grammer-Meyer amplified that. This caused Richards to attack her, where she said, "Camille, you really need to move on and get a life"

                            'RHOBH': Camille Grammer-Meyer calls Teddi Mellencamp's diet program 'Suspect', Kyle Richards comes to defense
Teddi Mellencamp, Camille Meyer and Kyle Richards (Getty Images)

On Tuesday, September 15, a Twitter account called All Housewives Lie shared, “@BravoTV @Andy your girl Teddi is getting exposed on Instagram for her scam starvation company. Having women starve themselves by eating 500 calories a day is unethical. If she needs a storyline next season, holding her accountable for this is a good option. #RHOBH.” This tweet about Teddi Jo Mellencamp of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ was shared by Camille Grammer-Meyer, an alum of the same Bravo TV reality show. Grammer-Meyer wrote, “It’s suspect,” without adding any further comments. 


Grammer-Meyer’s tweet created a kind of storm among fans of the reality show. But it wasn’t just the fans who were talking about it. Kyle Richards, another alum of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’, wrote in response to it, “Camille, you really need to move on and get a life. Teddi has helped so many people and changed their lives. What are you doing everyday? Tweeting about RHOBH? You befriend whoever you think will get you a [Diamond emoji and Face with tears of joy emoji]. Talk about a mean girl.”


The original tweet by All Housewives Lie was in reference to an Instagram video by Emily Gellis Lande, a fashion and lifestyle influencer, who had previously taken on the F-Factor diet, a popular, high-fiber diet plan developed by prominent dietitian Tanya Zuckerbrot. Lande was in a conversation with Lisa Hayim, a registered dietitian and founder of The Well Necessities.

In the video, Lande and Hayim talked about, as the caption says, “Disordered eating conversation with @thewellnecessities - We dive deep into food fear and how you can take those first steps to overcome disordered eating habits”.

Mellencamp’s profession is reportedly that of an “accountability coach”. Her business, All in By Teddi, offers diet programs, meal plans cardio time minimums to clients, who send her photos of their weight on the scale, their meals, and engage in body checking with her depending on what level of her program they’re on.

Her 2-week Jumpstart program that costs $599 a month, states: “Once you have mastered the lifestyle and are well on your way to achieving your goal, we offer a Weight and Workout plan. Additionally, we have our graduate Maintenance plan once you reach your goal. Under both plans, you will send in your proof of weight and cardio each day. The weight and workout plan is designed to give you more flexibility, while still receiving inspirational guidance and assistance from your coach. Maintenance is for graduates who have achieved their goals and embody this new lifestyle fully but want that extra touch of accountability.”

According to a report in The Thought Catalog, it comprises “two weeks of a 500 calorie a day vegetarian meal plan, an hour of cardio 7 days a week, and texting Teddi or one of Teddi’s staff photos of your food, weight, and body.”

It is worth noting that Mellencamp’s website says, “Our coaches do not carry any fitness, medical or health certifications. Each coach has completed the accountability program and lives this lifestyle. We are here to hold you accountable to your own fitness, health, and wellness goals; our coaches provide you with personal one-on-one support, guidance, and tools to help you achieve those goals.”

On Twitter, many fans of the reality show dragged Mellencamp in the aftermath of Grammer-Meyer’s tweet. One Twitter user wrote, “Not only that but literally during her first season as it was being aired, she hiked her prices and started requesting a certain type of client (they now had to submit pictures of themselves before she could accept them into her program). She’s not even certified in the field.” Another Twitter user wrote, “500 calories a day?? Gooood lawd!!!!! I thought 1200 was like min to stay healthy?” Yet another suggested, “Maybe Kyle is receiving some sort of money or funds from Teddi’s ‘company’ to keep her in the RHOBH. Maybe that’s why Kyle is buddy buddy with Teddi.”




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