'The Rain' Season 3 Review: What begins as an apocalypse has progressed into a 'Game of Thrones' plot gone wrong

'The Rain' Season 3 sees Rasmus and Simone divided over everything, including if they should accept the virus and mutate to survive or find a cure

                            'The Rain' Season 3 Review: What begins as an apocalypse has progressed into a 'Game of Thrones' plot gone wrong
'The Rain' Season 3 (Netflix)

'The Rain' Season 3 takes us back to the lives of siblings Rasmus and Simone who is trying to outrun an apocalypse that was brought on by their father, his scientist partner, and their company Apollon. While the previous seasons centered on Rasmus and Simone fighting the good fight together, this season portrays what happens after Rasmus walks out. Of his own accord, he approaches Apollon in the hopes of finding a way out of his predicament. He wants the virus out of him and with Sarah also being inflicted because of him followed by Lea, Rasmus has decided that he will only kill everyone around him.

However, what happens instead is that he falls for Sten's manipulation and begins to believe that he can save lives, lives of people who are sick like he used to be in the past. Rasmus doesn't want to stay alone, he doesn't want to be the cause of everyone's death either. All he wants is for people to like him. He is like a child with a gun who is powerful enough to kill everyone in the room by just throwing a rant.

He forces his sister to Simone to take a drastic step, even go as far as to risk her life. Simone is no better and all that she does is take her friends from a bad place to worse. When all of them hope to find a solution beyond the wall, it makes sense that the two people without the vial in them go to ensure that the virus doesn't spread. However, everything after that is a series of bad decisions made by Simone in an attempt to 'help'.


A still of Simone with Kira when she tries to help Daniel and his family. (Netflix)



Repeatedly, in various situations, Simone believes that only she knows what is right and she can tell the good and bad apart. She destroys an entire family's chance at survival, she introduced a man who had virus to Daniel's family. The same that saved her from dying because of her brother. Daniel's father was right along in keeping a possible cure for the virus to himself. The first person who learned of its existence ruined it all.

And when she says to Daniel's father "I only tried to help", he responds, "Yeah, but you just ruined everything." He is right to feel so, and everyone should have heeded his warning when he had repeatedly claimed that someone might be watching them. Not only did Simone brush it off, but she also used the vial of flower serum in plain sight. This brought on so much death and destruction, and when Simone survives it feels as if everyone around her is dying for her mistakes, her bad instincts. After a while, it is clear that this season, in its entirety is used solely to stack up the misunderstanding between the child-like Rasmus and his naive sister. The collateral damage is the many lives lost.

What is also worse is the fact that the serum that Simone believed was the cure, was not. It removed the virus but in the process also kills the host and all this while, Simone had only blindly believed that taking the virus would help her brother and stop the virus. She never could understand the logistics of how it would be possible to save the whole world with just one vial of flower serum. She just grasped the idea of a cure desperately because the alternative was to put an end to what her brother wants to do and that is to change the entire world into beings inflicted with virus just like him.

What began as an end of the world virus contamination has now progressed into a 'Game of Thrones' like war for power.

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