Queen removes photo of Harry and Meghan from audience room

The picture framed with Harry and Meghan was moved from its previous spot after a week. This happened when Thea Musgrace was presented the Queen’s Medal at Buckingham Palace.

                            Queen removes photo of Harry and Meghan from audience room
Queen Elizabeth (Source:Getty Images)

The Queen removed a photograph of Prince Harry and Meghan from the audience room after one week. Hawkeyed fans spotted the change on a table in the Buckingham Palace when Her Majesty met George Brandis, Australian High Commissioner to the UK on May 30. 

May 3, when the picture was still there. (Getty Images)

Royal fans noticed that the frame had been removed and a snap of Harry and his brother Prince William was visible. This happened when composer Thea Musgrace was presented the Queen’s Medal for Music.

The touching portrait of the newlyweds was on display for the loyal fans in the Audience Room of the Queen’s London residence for the first time last week.

The Queen is in the habit of regularly moving photographs around inside the ornate reception room. However, there are only a few of her favorites that are on display.

June 7, when the picture was removed. (Getty Images/Twiiter)

The photo which was moved was the first photo of Meghan at the Buckingham Palace. The picture showed the newlyweds embracing each other, with Meghan in a fitted dress and Harry dressed in a smart blue suit.

It was placed in front of the picture of the Queen’s beloved grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Reports from Hello! say that the picture was taken by Alexi Lubonmirski, the couple’s wedding photographer as a part of their engagement shoot in December.

Alexi Lubonmirski was also chosen as the couple’s official photographer and photographed some stunning pictures of the newlyweds and the royal family at Windsor Castle on May 19. He said, "We went out there and had about three and a half minutes to take some quick shots because everything was running like clockwork."

The Audience room is where the Queen curates most of her significant treasures, to let the loyal fans have a glimpse into her personal life and of those related to her.

The room is situated in the first floor of the palace and is filled with photographs of the Royal family.

The other portraits to feature in the Audience room are of Zara and Mike Tindall on their wedding day, a picture of William and Harry in Military uniform and a picture of Princess Anne with her husband Timothy Laurence. There is also a picture from Prince Edward and the Countess of Wessex’s wedding day on display.

There are two 18th Century English porcelain pheasants worth £20,000, placed on the mantelpiece. There is also a white marble and gilt bronze clock worth £4,000; and an English gilt mirror of £30,000.

The Queen meets with the Prime Minister weekly and will also tend to the Chancellor of the Exchequer when new budgets are announced.

The queen also chairs the Privy Council meetings which held once a month throughout the year.