Netflix 'The Privilege': 5 thing you didn't know about Max Schimmelpfennig

Netflix 'The Privilege': 5 thing you didn't know about Max Schimmelpfennig
Max Schimmelpfennig as Finn Bergmann in 'The Privilege' (Netflix)

Netflix’s international catalogue is set to expand with the upcoming horror movie ‘The Privilege’ that will provide viewers all the chills and thrills. The German film revolves around a young man named Finn, who is being haunted by demonic visions after the tragic death of his sister. However, no one believes him and people believe that they are more of psychotic breakdowns due to childhood trauma. 

But things take dangerous turn when he sees horrifying accidents happening in front of him. He takes the responsibility of ending them by discovering a dark truth about him. We all know how heavily Netflix invests on international projects. ‘Money Heist’, ‘The Forgotten Battle’, and ‘Dark’ are some of the prime examples of non-English language shows that have done supremely well on the platform. The makers of ‘The Privilege’ will be hoping for a similar reception as well.


'The Privilege' on Netflix: 5 things to know about the German horror movie 

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Let’s take a look at the cast for the upcoming horror movie.

Lea Van Acken as Lena in a still from 'The Privilege' (Netflix)

Max Schimmelpfennig as Finn Bergmann

Born in 1996 in Berlin, Germany, Schimmelpfennig began his acting career in 2015 and made his debut appearance in a TV series titled ‘Kommissarin Heller’. 2016 turned out to be a productive year for him as he made cameo appearances in over seven different projects on TV, including ‘Der Lehrer’, ‘SOKO Wismar’, and ‘The White Rabbit’.

His first major acting role on TV came later that year and played the role of Sami in ‘Tempel’. However, his moment of glory came in 2019 when he was cast as Noah 1921 in the blockbuster Netflix series ‘Dark’.


‘Baltic Crimes’, ‘Fur Immer Eltern’, and ‘Leipzig Homicide’ are some of the high-end ventures he has been a part of. 

Lea Van Acken as Lena

The young actress from Germany has already made a great impression on everyone’s minds through her skill. Acken made her acting debut on stage in 2011 and went on to make her feature film debut with the 2014 movie ‘Stations of the Cross’. She played the role of Holocaust victim Anne Frank in the movie ‘Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank’.

In 2015, she also played a minor role in the hit TV series ‘Homeland’. From 2017-2019, she portrayed the character of Silja Tierderman in Netflix series ‘Dark’. 


Caroline Hartig as Anna Bergmann

Born in 1997, Caroline Hartig is undoubtedly one of the brightest talents in the German entertainment industry and has given many amazing performances. From 2016 to 2018 she attended acting seminars with the American acting teacher Ron Burrus at the Actors Conservatory Method Acting School in Los Angeles. She made her acting debut with a couple of short films.

Her first major acting role came in 2017 with the Helen Dorn crime series movie ‘Merciless’. In February 2018, Hartig was seen in another leading role in the crime series ‘Ein Starken Team’ and garnered a lot of praise for her acting.


Since then, she has made appearances on ‘Among the Crooks’, ‘Killimanjaro – Journey to Life’, ‘Weignut Wader’, ‘Sarah Kohr – The Missing Girl’, and ‘Blackout’. 

Lise Risom Olsen as Yvonne Bergmann

The Scandanavian actress has been a part of entertainment industry since 2008 and has worked in a wide range of projects. Her first few projects were cameo appearances and it was in 2018 that she received her first major acting role. Titled ‘The Innocents’, the TV series saw her playing the role of Sigrid. She received a lot of praise for her acting.

2020 turned out to be an exciting year for Olsen as her short movie ‘Q: Ghostly Remote Affect’ became a worldwide success and won several awards globally. Olsen went on to win Best Actress accolade at the Bucharest Shortcut Cinefest, Falcon International Film Festival and Varese International Film Festival.


Nadeshda Brennicke as Dr. Steinke

One of the prominent names in the German entertainment industry, Nedeshda Brennicke has worked in more than 100 projects in her career and given stellar performance over the years. Her earlier works include TV shows and movies like ‘Lena’, ‘Pilots’, ‘Der Clan der Anna Voss’, and ‘Vater Wider Willen’.

For her acting in the 2000 movie ‘Das Pahntom’, she won the Audience Award for the Marl Group at the Grimme Awards. The award is given to the two main leads of a movie for their outstanding acting. Throughout her career, she has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress accolade at the German Television Awards for Polizeiruf 110’ and ‘Hotte in Paradies’. Meanwhile, in 2013, she won the Best Actress trophy at the Chicago International Film Festival. She was also nominated for the Best Actress trophy at the Bambi Awards as well. 


'The Privilege' will be premiering exclusively on Netflix on Thursday, February 10. 

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