'The Plot Against America' Episode 1: Winona Ryder as Evelyn Finkel deserves an Emmy Award, say fans

'The Plot Against America' Episode 1: Winona Ryder as Evelyn Finkel deserves an Emmy Award, say fans
Winona Ryder in 'The Plot Against America' (IMDB)

Into an already grim and darkening global atmosphere, HBO churned out 'The Plot Against America', a mini-series that turns American history on its head. In this alternate timeline, we explore the frightening possibility of Nazi sympathizer Charles Lindbergh becoming the President of the USA in the 1940s.

The story is told through the eyes of a Jewish family, who have just moved into a new neighborhood. In the first episode, the first uneasy traces of fascism are seen, even if it doesn't directly affect their lives...yet.


While fans were awestruck and impressed by the episode, it is Winona Ryder's performance as Evelyn that seems to have won their hearts. In the premiere, Evelyn is bruised as she realizes that the man she is in love with was just using her as a fling. It remains to be seen how her storyline will carry on in the rest of the episodes.

A fan tweeted, "The way Winona conveyed Evelyn's pain and heartbreak through her eyes when her lover left her because he was only keen in making her his mistress.... no words. now go give her an Emmy."



"Winona is coming for the Emmys," wrote another hopeful fan.

"Evelyn Finkel is a broken woman, victim of a misogynist society in the 40s; & Winona Ryder can portray her pain just by the look of sorrow in her eyes. Emmys here we come!" wrote a fan.

One fan wrote that they were left "speechless" by her performance. "I'm very satisfied with the first episode of #ThePlotAgainstAmerica. Every character is so amazing, except Angelo! Zoe Kazan is amazing and beautiful, Winona Ryder left me speechless, Morgan Spector is awesome, Anthony Boyle is incredible! Azhy is so sweet!"


"Winona Ryder is a reason life is worth living," wrote another fan.

"Winona Ryder is incredible," a fan exulted.

Going by the promos, Winona's character Evelyn appears to be a Lindbergh supporter and says that the President is a "good man."

This isn't the first show on what-America-could-have-been, as Amazon Prime’s 'The Man in the High Castle' was also set in a parallel post-World War II universe, where the United States is divided into the American Reich and the Japanese Pacific States. The Apple TV+ show 'For All Mankind' presented another timeline where Russia was the first to put a man on the moon and Nixon withdrew troops from Vietnam quickly. 


'The Plot Against America' is adapted from Phil Rothes's 2004 novel and airs on HBO, Mondays at 9 pm. 

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