'The Place of No Words' reminds us to cherish each moment, says actress Nicole Berger

'The Place of No Words' reminds us to cherish each moment, says actress Nicole Berger

Mark Webber's fantasy film 'The Place of No Words' is all set to air at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 27. The film deals with the the question, 'Where do we go when we die?' asked by a three-year old that sents a real family on a fantasy adventure to try to answer the question.

In addition, the movie also sheds light on how one copes with the death of a loved one and the pain that comes along with it. The story is told through both the eyes of a father and his young son as it moves between the authentic real world and a fantasy realm.

Talking to MEAWW about the film, Nicole Berger, who plays Esmeralda, a guardian angel in the movie, shed light on her character and the film. "The movie isn't meant  to be viewed in a sad way, but that reminds us to cherish each moment and that death isn't the end."

Her character, as she puts it, is the one who brings love and magic in the life of three-year old Bodhi (Bodhi Palmer).

The movie falls under the category of 'reality cinema,' and Berger was excited about it the minute she heard the script and fell in love with the storyline.


Berger plays a guardian angel in the fantasy part of the film. (Mythical Films)


On preparing for the role, Nicole said that her off-screen persona was instrumental in helping play the role better.

"I am more of a nurturing person and I havea sibling along with pets, that just makes you a caring person already,  and in the film, in the real-life squences, I take care of Bodhi who sees me as a source of love, comfort and someone who brings magic and playfulness in his life."

"In his imagination, I am a guardian angel that guide them on their journey towards death, no in a sad or a fearful way. In a way  it reminds us to cherish about the ones we love," she explained.

In addition, the 'Clover' actress also felt that Mark (Webber) loved improvisation and the idea of taking people out of their comfort zone in an attempt to achieve realism, not often seen in commercial film-making. "He pushes past boundaries and uses elements from real life to try and develop a new type of filmmaking called reality cinema."


When asked if she was okay with experimental roles, Nicole revealed that she had never done a fantasy-reality cinema before and the experience means that she would be open to trying out more such roles in the future.

The film marks the third installment of Webber's “reality cinema” films. It’s a follow up to his 2017 film, 'Flesh and Blood', which is also a film that featured his real-life family. 'The Place of No Words' stars Nicole Elizabeth Berger, Eric Olsen, Sarah Wright Olsen and Phoebe Tonkin.

Produced by Dustin Hughes, the film will be featured at the Tribeca Film Festival.

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