'The Passage' episode 4 review: Fanning's prowess over Carter steals our consolation about Amy being alright

Episode 4 titled 'Whose Blood Is That' steals our consolation that Amy is alright, because Carter sure isn't

                            'The Passage' episode 4 review: Fanning's prowess over Carter steals our consolation about Amy being alright

This article contains spoilers for episode 4 'Whose Blood Is That?"

Book readers have been happy with how 'The Passage' has translated to screen, and episode 4 is here to prove the show's specialty doesn't just end with yellow eyes and blue veins on pale skin. The creatures we avoid calling Vampires are becoming extremely powerful, penetrating the minds of humans and controlling those we think are in control. It's not Dr. Jonas Lear (Henry Ian Cusick)  and his team who will have it their way this episode, it's the "turned."

Shauna Babcock (Brianne Howey) and Dr. Tim Fanning (Jamie McShane) will explore the inexhaustible potential of their high brain activity, seeping into Anthony Carter's (McKinley Belcher III) dreams in particular and debuting in Amy Bellafonte's (Saniyya Sidney) mind as well.

Amy will be as resistant to Shauna as she had been to her favorite people, agent Brad Wolgast (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) and Carter. But that's is what you expect of a girl who was orphaned overnight, with federal agents kidnapping her the next day with a mission to try lethal experiments on her. She will resist, and she will fight, much to the love and respect of her now father-figure, Wolgast.

There is no filtering for Amy, she has nothing to lose, except for Wolgast, who himself is her protector and now the protected. "I don't like you," Amy tells Shauna when she visits her. The contrast of a dream-like state and the reality is made distinct with a warm undertone, as blonde haired Shauna smiles and talks rather charmingly to Amy, who refuses to believe she is anything like her.

Demonstrating the power of mind control is a side-kick vampire named David Winston, who manipulates Paulson to carry out an insane shooting in the government secret area. Thanks to Amy's tree house that Wolgast managed to get built with due permission from Dr. Major Nichole Sykes (Caroline Chikezie), Amy is quick to see Paulson gearing up to commit a mass shooting, through borrowed binoculars.

Of course, they manage to escape, but Clark Richards (Vincent Piazza) is becoming even worse than we thought, and by the looks of it, he is falling in love with Shauna who is controlling his mind as well. Now the question is, if vampires such as Winston and Shauna can do such powerful things, we wonder what patient zero, Fanning, is capable of.

The answer comes through what happens to Carter. The "choice," he keeps telling Lear about turns out to be a choice to evolve into a full-fledged, bloodsucking vampire, and, in the end, Carter is just left with that choice. The choice does not come easy and it comes with a backstory. Episode 3 explored Shauna's heartbreaking story of abuse and how that unfolded into a gruesome homicide, Carter's story this episode explores how he was framed for murder for being "black and broke," despite being the innocent one.

Never had Carter tried to prove his innocence, knowing well that no one would believe him about the suicide of his ex-girlfriend, Rachel (Elizabeth Alderfer). Carter was just a young man in love with a woman who happened to be married to an abusive rich man. On coming home with a swollen face and a black eye, Carter realizes the relationship isn't healthy and asks for time.

Instead, Rachel drowns herself in the pool, and the cause of her death is slapped on him. 'The Passage,' has impressed fans beyond belief on how it manages crucial topics without sensationalizing it. Talk about a journalist who was murdered for picking up the story of missing prisoners on a death sentence, Project NOAH has some bad men running around on the premises, as well as in people's minds, and this episode explores it all.


Carter, the young powerful subject of the experiment was a ray of hope for the viewers, consoling us that as long as he is okay, Amy is okay too. But this episode titled "Whose Blood is That?" flips it as Carter transforms into the blood-sucking creature, with Fanning leaving him with no choice but to die or to evolve.

Carter, the latest addition to the Vampire family, kills many staff members almost instantly and attacks Lear, who is locked in the cell just in case he might be infected. The heartfelt exchange between him and Sykes gets the point straight - if he is infected, he ought to be shot without any hesitation.

Looks like the fierce Amy is infected now, she ran faster than Wolgast and even read Shauna's mind.  Imagining Amy as anything like Fanning or Shauna is disturbing, but who knows, she is a fighter and she may not take the choice of evolving that Fanning offers, even if there's no choice left. Amy is Wolgast's little girl after all.