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Fox debuts trailers for its Fall line-up including vampire drama 'The Passage' and sci-fi show 'Cosmos: Possible Worlds'

Fox has finally unveiled its 2018-2019 Fall line-up - a list comprising a mix of TV genres and there are some pretty significant changes coming for the network.
UPDATED JAN 16, 2020
The passage poster (Source : IMDB)
The passage poster (Source : IMDB)

Following a major overhaul, Fox has finally unveiled its 2018-2019 Fall line-up - a list comprising a mix of TV genres. Ironically, the network has included only one feature in the sci-fi, vampire drama category and it is the small screen adaptation of Justin Cronin’s novel trilogy, 'The Passage'. 

The Passage is the brainchild of Matt Reeves (of Cloverfield fame) and executive produced by Ridley Scott, the character-driven thriller deals with the experimental projects at a secret medical facility - Project Noah. What the scientists involved with the project are trying to do is find a cure for all diseases, and this requires them to experiment with a deadly virus. 

For good or for worse, there's a drastic turn of events when federal agent Brad Wolgast is tasked with securing a young girl, named Amy Bellafonte, as the test subject. With risks running high, agent Brad decides to save the girl instead of handing her over to Project Noah - a decision that, undoubtedly, comes at a great price.  

Check the full trailer for The Passage below:

"The Passage focuses on Project Noah, a secret medical facility where scientists are experimenting with a dangerous virus that could lead to the cure for all disease but it also carries the potential to wipe out the human race. When a young girl, Amy Bellafonte is chosen to be a test subject, Federal Agent Brad Wolgast is the man who is tasked with bringing her to Project Noah. Ultimately, however, Wolgast becomes her surrogate father, as he tries to protect her at any cost," reads the official description, as shared by the network.  

Next in line for Fox's upcoming releases is Neil deGrasse Tyson-hosted reboot of COSMOS, a space-centric show, which plans on transporting fans to the farthest and deepest reaches of the universe.   

Here's a first-look teaser for the show, which returns for its third season in Spring 2019. 

Executive-produced by Seth MacFarlane, Brannon Braga, and Jason Clark; Cosmos: Possible Worlds, marks the return of popular astrophysicist Tyson - following in the footsteps of original host Carl Sagon, who appeared in 1980's Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. 

Offering a first glimpse of the series and what fans should expect, Tyson says in the trailer: "What does knowing our place in the universe do for us? Maybe everything."