'The Outpost' Season 3 Episode 8: Is Yavalla unbeatable? Gwynn's death predicts horror for Talon

Talon sees Gwynn, a weak, withered away woman appear like a shell of the chirpy, strong and independent queen that she once was

                            'The Outpost' Season 3 Episode 8: Is Yavalla unbeatable? Gwynn's death predicts horror for Talon
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Queen Gwynn Calkussar (Imogen Waterhouse) is dying a slow painful death. And it's all thanks to the one Blackblood who was responsible for bringing peace to 'The Outpost'. After being the first to get infected by Yavalla's (Jaye Griffiths) kinj, the queen has been doing her bidding, including spreading her word like the gospel. The peaceful transition that Yavalla brought along with her is anything but that and has now started a mutiny, both at the Capital and the Gallwood Outpost. Everyone in the realm and beyond will sooner or later be affected by this plague but Talon's (Jessica Green) friends are at the front lines and there is a lot at stake.

At the end of the last episode, it was revealed that Yavalla's kinj is like a parasite that chews away the life of the host. Gwynn/ Rosmund is now close to death than ever before, but Talon is here to save her. The only question is, will she? In the upcoming episode of The CW's 'The Outpost' titled 'Dying Is Painful', Talon will have to try to make the impossible happen. 

'The Outpost' Season 3, Episode 8 will see Talon, Garret (Jake Stormoen) and Zed (Reece Ritchie) in the Capital in disguise. They had managed to steal some Prime Order soldier uniforms and had infiltrated the place. Talon sees Gwynn, a weak, withered away woman, a shell of the chirpy, strong, and independent queen that she once was. She exclaims that Gwynn is dying and the episode ends with the haunting image of a zombie-fied Gwynn. 

Is Yavalla unbeatable? The synopsis of the upcoming episode reveals that this is a  possibility. "Talon deals with emotions as death seems to be the only answer to save her friends," according to the official synopsis of the episode. In the previous episode, Yavalla had managed to remain elusive and even launched an all-army attack on the trio, but can she remain like this for long? 

When leaving the Outpost, Janzo (Anand Desai-Barochia) had given Talon, Garret and Zed a bomb-like device that would 'burn every living tissue' of Yavalla, which means the kinj wouldn't procreate. Wren (Izuka Hoyle) was obviously against it and it's not because Yavalla is her mother. This still doesn't answer the burning question of what happens to the infected people after Yavalla's death. Will Janzo and Wren find a cure in time? For now, Janzo has bigger troubles to deal with. At least he played smart and managed to feed the Outpost. 

'The Outpost' Season 3 Episode 8 will air on Sunday, November 29, 2020, at 9 pm ET/PT on The CW. 

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