'The Outpost' Season 3 Episode 1: Does Janzo have a new love interest? Fans say Wren will be 'perfect for him'

'The Outpost' Season 3 Episode 1: Does Janzo have a new love interest? Fans say Wren will be 'perfect for him'
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Spoilers for 'The Outpost' Season 3 Episode 1 'For the Sins of Your Ancestors' 

The ever-so-kind and sweet Janzo. It can't be denied that Janzo is perhaps the best character on The CW fantasy adventure series 'The Outpost'. Played by Anand Desai-Barochia, Janzo is a talented alchemist and a master brewer who has charmed audiences with his sweet smile, unassuming nature and earnest demeanor.

Fans of the show could only be glad that the character returned for the premiere episode. "Every single episode of #TheOutpost makes me feel like I'm on an adventure. I love it!!! Janzo and the sass. Missed him," tweeted a fan.


He has also been through a lot, particularly ever since Talon's (Jessica Green) arrival at the Outpost. But it was Season 2 that carried a heavy dose of surprise for him when he kissed Naya, who turned out to be his twin sister. There is also his everlasting love for Talon. He had confessed his feelings for her, but Talon told him she doesn't reciprocate. And because of this, many fans had thought that the two would end their friendship too. But that didn't happen. "It’s good to see Janzo and talon are still friends #TheOutpost," a fan said. 


Many also notice a change in the character — an evolution of kind that many fans think is a welcome addition essential to his writing. "At least Janzo is very outspoken this season. I think it looks good on him! #TheOutpost," tweeted a fan. 


But most of all, there is a new development possibly in the works for him. Wren (Izuka Hoyle) dashes into his lab and takes it over for research for the Blackbloods. She even throws him out of there for her own work. It is later revealed that she is the daughter of the Blackblood Priestess named Yavalla (Jaye Griffiths), explaining the takeover. But throughout the episode, Janzo and Wren indulged in cheeky banter that has given many fans ideas. "Can we just ship Janzo and Wren already?!?! @ANANDDB #izukahoyle #TheOutpost" tweeted a fan.


Especially considering what he has been through lately. "TBH.. I prefer Wren as a love interest; or any sort of companionship, with Janzo. His luck in woman have been terrible so far. Yet she’s perfect for him considering... #TheOutpost."


The Blackbloods are not going anywhere so it looks like Wren and Janzo are stuck together in the lab for a while. And fans are eager to see what that will lead to. "Well now... Janzo and Wren... This could definitely be fun! #TheOutpost #TheOutpostSeries."


'The Outpost' airs on The CW on Thursdays at 9/8c.

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