'The Outlander' Season 5 Episode 4 promo shows Jamie and Roger face hostile forces in rural Brownsville

Leaving the inexperienced Captain Roger Mackenzie in charge was probably not the best idea as he leads Jamie's militia to a remote rural trading post where the men are hostile and ready with their guns

                            'The Outlander' Season 5 Episode 4 promo shows Jamie and Roger face hostile forces in rural Brownsville
Sam Heughan as Jamie Frazer (Starz)

After a whole episode focussed on Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie Frazer (Sam Heughan) visiting the Beardsley cottage that acted like an interesting but ultimately filler episode, episode 4 will bring us right back into the action of the impending hostilities between Jamie's militia and hostile locals in the territory assigned to him by Governor Tryon (Tim Downie). 

Leaving the inexperienced "Captain" Roger Mackenzie (Richard Rankin) in charge was probably not the best idea. In last week's episode, he promised a mother that he would keep her two sons safe during the war and bring them home alive. 

In this episode, we see him leading Jamie's militia to the rural trading post of Brownsville. According to the synopsis, he finds himself embroiled in a bitter feud and his "unusual strategy" could cost Jamie the loyalty of the militia.

In the trailer for the episode, we see Roger address the men at Brownsville, who are armed and hostile. He says: "I'm Captain Roger Mackenzie, in command of a militia serving under Colonel James Frazer of Frazer's Ridge". 


We see him ducking for cover in the next scene as the men open fire. Jamie, thankfully, looks like he comes in to save the day as we see him confronting the dissenting men, saying: "Any harm done against my militia, I'll have no choice but to consider you traitors to the Crown." An armed melee seems inevitable as the two sides raise their guns against each other, prepared to battle to the death as a worried Claire, barricaded indoors, looks on concerned. 

We also get to see Claire wanting to keep the baby they had been entrusted with by Fanny Beardsley. But Jamie tells her, "If you wanted another child, perhaps I could give you one." The next scene shows Claire giving the baby to some local women who promise her that they will care for the baby like she was theirs.

We will also get to see the unintended consequences of Jamie's underling swiping Claire's penicillin experiment pages as scrap paper to write down Jamie's instructions about his militia recruitment drive. Viewers will probably remember how those pages then ended up at the printers. 

The episode synopsis promises to show us how this plays out, stating: "Claire learns that her ‘modern’ medical advice has spread further than she intended." What will be the consequences of Claire meddling with the timeline by bringing her knowledge as a 20th-century surgeon to the 18th-century? 

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