'The Originals' is better than 'The Vampire Diaries' and here's why you should be watching it!

All in all, for anyone who is out of high school, 'The Originals' should definitely be an obvious choice when in comparison to 'The Vampire Diaries'. 

                            'The Originals' is better than 'The Vampire Diaries' and here's why you should be watching it!
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It is on rare occasions that a TV show's spinoff is better than it's predecessor and this vampire drama definitely sets the standards high. The CW spinoff of 'The Vampire Diaries,' 'The Originals'  is one of the best spin-offs there are, period. Not only is it a great plot, but it also manages to combine great action, subtle romance, supernatural elements and some really crazy cliffhangers, thus making it a much better watch than its predecessor 'The Vampire Diaries.' 

Starring Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Claire Holt, Phoebe Tonkin, Charles Michael Davis, Daniella Pineda, Leah Pipes, Danielle Campbell, Yusuf Gatewood, Riley Voelkel, Danielle Rose Russell and Steven Krueger, the show was an instant hit for anyone who watched it when it first debuted in 2013. Centered around the Mikaelson family who are hybrids (cross between vamps and werewolves), the plot follows them as they overcome obstacles and enemies from their past of a thousand years to fulfill the promise of "Always and Forever." There is no sentiment left untouched and the series explores the fantasy world of loving and losing those different than us. 

The show is on its the fifth and final season and if you've caught on to the show so far, you know that things are getting really intense and the Mikaelsons, yet again are in the eye of the storm. In the previous season, the five Mikaelsons siblings — Nik, Rebekah, Elijah, Kol, and Freya had to go their separate ways thanks to the very powerful dark magic that wanted to take Hope. The siblings managed to break the entity into parts with witchcraft and carried each broken part within themselves through the seven years.

Every time any one of them even comes remotely close, plants started to die and snakes started crawling out of the ground and water turned into blood. The series, that is gearing up for an explosive finale airs every Wednesday at 6:30 pm on CW.

'The Originals' unlike 'The Vampire Diaries' focusses on the firstborns of the community. There are no doppelgangers involved, there are no silly overlapping flirtations and there's certainly more of an intriguing storyline. What makes the spin-off so great is that it is so easy to watch. You can binge it all at one go and it still won't be enough. Unlike 'The Vampire Diaries' it doesn't confuse the hell out of you. 

The plot of the show is pretty thick and unlike a show that is pegged on just a flimsy supernatural storyline, the series actually takes you through a lot of ups and downs. And to be honest, the Mikaelsons were really the better part 'The Vampire Diaries.' Every character has its own secrets and the plot keeps you glued to the edge of your seats. While there's always the belief that death to them is temporary, off and on, the story makes you believe otherwise. 

Klaus Mikaelson's character with Joseph Morgan's epic portrayal makes it all the more appealing. Not to mention he's the heart and soul of the show. The neverending family squabble and unity the Mikaelsons' portray at different periods of time only makes things better. "Always and forever" and "Family above all" of 'The Originals' weighs more than the TVD's "An eternity of misery." Unlike its predecessor, the show doesn't focus one character alone. Although Klaus is still in the middle of it all, there's still ample time and care given to every little character, even if they are as tiny as Hayley's boyfriend Declan. 

The endless war between all the factions is a great plot addition, one that is missing from 'The Vampire Diaries.' The different cliques -  the witches of the French Quarter, Werewolves in the bayou and Vampires make the story much juicier. There's not a moment when you feel like things are slowing down - everyone is always finding new things to fight about and that keeps things interesting. What's not to love about 'The Originals'?  French architecture, paintings, and their painters, flea markets that sell mystical goods and the complicated rituals. New Orleans makes Mystic Falls in Virginia look like a walk in the park on a sunny morning - something you don't want to see in a vampire show. 

They say a good antagonist is the one who makes you question your own beliefs about their vision. This show has weaved an antagonist and a protagonist into the same person and hands down, Klaus Mikaelson rises to the occasion. He's certainly less confused than Elena Gilbert and is more entertaining than Damon Salvatore and Stefan Salvatore put together

The show, by itself, is quite mature. There's no silly frivolity at any point in the series, and it genuinely feels like it was made for an adult audience, unlike TVD. They don't have to be at school neither do they have to worry about silly boys all the time - these guys have bigger problems, like taking over the city of New Orleans. The choice of setting itself is applaudable, although obvious when you think about the history of the place. 

All in all, for anyone who is out of high school, 'The Originals' should definitely be an obvious choice when in comparison to 'The Vampire Diaries.'  It has everything to keep things spicy - true love, romance, violence, betrayal, family and some great music.