'The Originals' season 5: What to expect from the series finale of the vampire saga

Now that its all said and done, the show's idea of a closure is becoming more apparent, especially in terms of the oldest family in the supernatural world - The Mikaelsons

                            'The Originals' season 5: What to expect from the series finale of the vampire saga

After five intense seasons, 'The Vampire Diaries' spin-off, 'The Originals' is finally coming to a closure. This season, so far, has been one of the most intense of all five, not only in terms of the insane story arc but also in the way it has humanized the characters like never before. Now that its all said and done, the show's idea of a closure is becoming more apparent, especially in terms of the oldest family in the supernatural world - The Mikaelsons. It feels like showrunner Julie Plec is making the tale of the cursed family run a full circle, but with a twist. Unlike the cause of their transformation, which was tragic and unfair, she appears to be turning them into people who sacrificed all for the sake of their family. 

Even though this season has centered a lot around saving people they love, if you look closely, it has also been about redemption for some. Niklaus has become what we never thought he was capable of - being kind. He's a doting father, he's a loyal brother and friend, and most importantly, he's a caring individual. For a man, who lived a thousand years without a speck of concern for anyone but his own pleasures, Klaus has rebuilt himself from the ashes. Not to glamourize a moral compass, but for "the big bad wolf," this isn't so bad.


When Elijah lost his memories, it was Klaus who always found a way to call Elijah back. We also know that if it hadn't been for the strength in his heart, Elijah would have never been able to cross the Red Door of memories - one that reminded him of who he really was. The depth of his love for Hope has been immeasurable this season, and it wouldn't be wrong to say that it was because of how much he cared about her did he find the more human side to himself. Perhaps, Elijah's declaration was right after all - Hope was the savior that the Mikaelsons needed. 


In fact, Hope herself found her solace in the last episode 'The Tale of the Two Wolves.' If you have been keeping up with the show, you know that if it hadn't been for Hope, Hayley might have been still alive and that guilt had been eating her from the inside. This could also explain why she desperately tried to keep the family together and even took the dark magic inside her even though she knew that it could potentially kill her. In a way, it was her way of apologizing and giving back to the family that she felt was breaking apart because of her. Afterall, the Mikaelson siblings did have to live apart for 7 years so they could keep her safe. While the plan went horribly wrong, as usual, Hope's story arc went from being a child to a woman who made her mistakes, tried to make amends and then learned to live with them.    

Freya and Kol have never really been very major this season. They swoop in to rescue the family once in a while, but apart from their love story arcs, we don't really know much about them. While Freya's decision to go ahead with her wedding to Keelin at the time of tragedy was very unlike a Mikaelson, it wasn't that unpredictable. She's always wanted an out of the tragedy that followed their family everywhere, and although it appears to be a selfish move, it is understandable. Kol's character till now has been that of a prodigal child, who never really got back home. 


The final season has also had some cruel deaths - but the one that really broke my heart was Hayley Marshall's. At the showdown in the creepy cabin, Greta had Hayley by the neck and a hand on her heart. As she twisted her thumb trying to grab it out, Hayley took a moment, a moment too long, to look at the father of her child, bleeding out trying to save their lives. She looked at her daughter, lying on the floor unaware of everything that was happening. Looking back, we know that at this moment what she knew what she was going to do. As she smiled and gathered courage, you can feel the surge of energy through her. Next thing you know, Greta's thumb comes off, and Hayley pushes her out the door, into the sun, and both burn to ashes...and just like that, Hayley Marshall is gone. 


At the time, one couldn't help but be mad at Hope's stupidity but snap back to the present, we are glad she is safe. Now, we know she wouldn't die because CW has a spin-off 'Legacies' planned for her. What we do see, however, is that the firstborns are right inside the jaws of death. I'm almost certain that at least one of them will die in the next episode, also the season finale 'When the Saints Go Marching In.' While the show has left us signs throughout this season that this may happen, especially when they revealed what the witchcraft scripts had to say in 'God's Gonna Trouble the Water,' it is still hard to come to terms with the possibility. After all, the family has been fighting for survival for thousands of years and has always prevailed. 

The synopsis reads, "Intent on saving Hope's life, Klaus' (Joseph Morgan) plan will change the lives of the Mikaelson family forever." From the episode promo, you can tell that Elijah is trying to stop Klaus from doing something stupid. He is seen rushing to the scene in an attempt to try to stop him, saying, "Don’t!" Klaus says, "If this is to be my funeral, let’s get on with it." There is a montage of headshots of the characters with various emotions on their faces and one of Hope looking shocked. "I don’t know how to say goodbye,” Klaus says as he puts the stake through himself and falls to the ground. He's standing in the magical circle that the Gemina witches had used for siphoning in the last episode.  Does Hope watch her father die? Whatever the closure, it is a bittersweet ending to a saga of a lifetime.

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