'The Old Man' Season 1 Episode 7: Will Amy Brenneman's Zoe die in the finale of the FX crime thriller?

'The Old Man' Season 1 Episode 7: Will Amy Brenneman's Zoe die in the finale of the FX crime thriller?
Jeff Bridges and Amy Brenneman in a still from 'The Old Man' (FX)

'The Old Man' is all set for an epic finale this week. The FX crime drama starring Jeff Bridges has gone from strength to strength over the last six weeks and promises to end on a gripping note. The positive acclaim and impressive run saw the network renew the show for a second season. Based on Thomas Perry's novel of the same name, the spy thriller series follows Dan Chase (Bridges) as a former CIA man whose clandestine past catches up with him putting his loved ones in trouble.

It's likely the show ends on a cliffhanger and it may take another installment to reach Hamzad. But it's the Harper-Chase combo that will surely garner the attention in the much-anticipated finale. There are no concrete casualties yet, so that makes Zoe's (Amy Brenneman) future a lot more uncertain.


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Will Zoe die in 'The Old Man' finale?

While the character was shown to be killed in a shocking sequence in Episode 2, only for viewers to realize that it was an option for Chase, there's no guarantee if she does make it out to the other side in the humdinger finale. Zoe has been an integral part of the series so far and in Chase's life. While she's had her moments — both manipulative and vulnerable, she's managed to hold her own even in tough spots. The previous episode saw Hamzad's lawyer Nina tell her that she could be saved from the imminent conflict, but Zoe declines after it's shown that she's given some bit of thought.


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The final episode will surely be all about saving Emily (Alia Shawkat), but it might have a few casualties. With the show already confirmed for a Season 2, there's every reason to believe that Zoe will be part of it and that she may actually not. Whether the writers decide to kill her or Harper remains to be seen.

'The Old Man' finale airs July 21, Thursday at 10 pm ET on FX.

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