A reboot for 'The Office' might just be possible and here's what we think they should include

There's a high chance that 'The Office' might get a reboot. We can finally get a chance of tying up loose ends

                            A reboot for 'The Office' might just be possible and here's what we think they should include
The Office cast (Source : Getty Images)

Fans of 'The Office may have their prayers answered. The show may get a reboot! NBC Entertainment's chairman Bob Greenblatt recently admitted to being open to the idea of a possible reboot of the show that garnered a huge fan following. 

This news was confirmed at the Hollywood Reporter's 12th annual Power Lawyer Breakfast. Greenblatt specifically listed 'The Office' to be a part the "reboot genre". Greenblatt admitted that recasting the full original cast would be difficult, but a reboot is an idea that Greenblatt has played around with.

So if the show does get its reboot, here are a few things we'd like addressed. 

1. Is Dunder Mifflin still going strong? 

We saw the company going through a lot of up and downs. Did they lose the battle to bigger, more commercial businesses? Did they ever succeed in going paperless? Have they changed the future of the paper industry?


2. Will Michael Scott return?

The greatest branch manager that ever existed. Will we see the return of Michael Scott? We can't get enough of the 'that's what she said' jokes so bring on the terribly stale yet giggle-worthy humor already. 


3. What happened to The Halperts?

Jim and Pam were the greatest couples of all time. Their romance tugged at our heartstrings so we want to know if they're still awkwardly in love. 


4. Will Toby return?

The ultra awkward human resource rep bore the brunt of Michael Scott's untowardly hatred. He was hired to keep a track on Michael, so will he be back to reprise his position as Scott-wrangler?


5. Does Andy make it big? 

If you recall, Nard Dog was named the regional manager of the firm. Andy had a knack to perform. Has fame finally come for him? Remember when he auditioned for a televised singing contest and ended up crying in front of Aaron Rodgers? Good times.


6. What happens to Dwight’s beet farm?

The beet farm was an escape for a lot of folks from 'The Office'. Remember when Dwight ditched his own wedding and took off to his little piece of paradise? Wonder if it still stands strong.


7. Is Kevin okay?


The last memory we all have of the adorably awkward man was Dwight handing him a cake that said 'You're fired'. So we just want to know if he's okay (Please let him be okay).


8. Kelly and Ryan's romance

Okay, look. Their relationship is super toxic. But we want to know if they get to spend the rest of eternity being weird together!

Do you have anything to add to this list? Drop us an email and we'll include it!