'The Morning Show' Episode 4 likely to showcase Alex and Bradley's 1st broadcast together with Cory intrigued by the prospect

The first three episodes of Apple TV+ 'The Morning Show' detailed the working relationship between Alex and Cory, and introduced us to who Bradley is. Now we will likely see how Alex and Bradley will work together and if Cory is supportive of them

                            'The Morning Show' Episode 4 likely to showcase Alex and Bradley's 1st broadcast together with Cory intrigued by the prospect

Alex Levy's (Jennifer Aniston) life changed one early morning just hours before she was supposed to go live for 'The Morning Show' broadcast by UBA. Her co-host, addressed by her colleagues and herself as her "television husband" has been fired from the company due to multiple allegations of sexual misconduct by women.

Now, Alex Levy is divorced, speaking figuratively, of course, but she has a stronghold in the morning show business. Audiences love her still and if UBA -- which has recently brought Cory Ellison (Billy Crudup) on to the board -- were to fire her as well, the network will have to face huge losses. 

Alex Levy on 'The Morning Show'. (Source: Episode screenshot)

The first three episodes premiered November 1 and we saw Alex deciding to take the bull by its horns, and at an award ceremony where she was being honored for excellence in leadership and journalism, she makes a surprise announcement. Even Cory is taken aback by Alex's decision to let the world know that her future co-host on 'The Morning Show' will be a woman whose recent outburst at a protest against coal mining put her under the spotlight.

This is Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon) and in episode 4, we are most likely going to be seeing the first broadcast of Bradley and Alex on 'The Morning Show'. The trailer of the show had hinted at there being competition between Alex and Bradley and how Alex might be thinking Bradley is after her job.

However, the third episode of the show clearly indicated that if anything Alex and Bradley will be working together. Yes, they may butt heads on somethings, but Alex is not the same complacent host anymore.

She has realized that if she lets the board members and other men on the top make decisions for her, she may be written out of the narrative. Her inclusion of Bradley and her active involvement in the writing of her show, is Alex's way of ensuring she cannot be slighted in the near future. 

Bradley Jackson on 'The Morning Show'. (Source: Episode screenshot)

She knows that the network's long term plan is to push her out and after hearing the same from her former co-host Mitch Kessler (Steve Carrell), Alex is certain things cannot be the same. Initially, Bradley was just Alex's way of giving the middle finger to the board.

She let them know that if she did not have the authority to take a call on her co-host, she would jump the gun and there is nothing UBA could do at this point because they need her to win the morning target rating point race. The two seemed to warm up as they prepared for their first broadcast. 

Bradley, who is nervous about being a host on national live television is fussing over having her image tailored, her look being fussed about and all the tiny details that go with becoming a host. Cory, who seems to find the entire situation amusing, is the one person other than her producer Mia Jordan, that Bradley can speak to confidently and that gives Cory an idea.

What if he did convince the board Bradley and Alex were a good idea? Get them some time to do a trial run on what it would be like to see two women hosting 'The Morning Show', and if that would show an increase in audience.

That is Cory's idea, and while initially he may have been interested in pushing Alex out, he might have changed his mind after seeing her at the board meeting. The one where the directors who were expected to give a dressing down, were instead told off by Alex for being egotistical men who assume power they don't, in reality, have.

A still of Alex in 'The Morning Show' where she is at the board meeting. (Source: Episode screenshot)

The look on Cory's face is one of clear fascination with this new side of Alex and the three of them might come up with something exciting for the upcoming episode. While Apple TV+ has not released any promos of the upcoming episode, we are certain of one thing.

If ever there had to be a conflict within the show that was not between Alex and Bradley, then it would be between Bradley and producer Charlie 'Chip' Black (Mark Duplass). You see, the first time Bradley met Chip to interview for the position of a Principal Correspondent, he had shot down her ideas for not being good enough.

She, in turn, had taken a potshot at The Morning Show's news coverage and the conversation was pretty heated, to say the least. So this dynamic is going to be interesting to watch out for as well. 

The next episode of 'The Morning Show' can be streamed on Apple TV+ November 8. 

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