'The Masked Singer' Season 3: Fans are convinced that the Taco is none other than Tom Bergeron

Based on all the clues dropped on the show, fans took to Twitter to affirm that the celeb behind the mask is the host of 'Dancing with the Stars'

                            'The Masked Singer' Season 3: Fans are convinced that the Taco is none other than Tom Bergeron
Taco (Michael Becker/FOX); Tom Bergeron (Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

'The Masked Singer' Season 3 has kept the judges and fans on their toes ever since the series premiered. And now with Group B heading into the Championship round when the famed reality tv series returns on Wednesday night, fans are sure they have the identity of the Taco in the bag. 

The clues are definitely more cryptic this season, with even the judges finding it hard to figure out who the masked celebrities are this season. But that isn't stopping fans from giving it their best at speculating who might be under the masks. 'The Masked Singer' recently premiered after the SuperBowl LIV. Since then we have seen quite a lot of epic unmasking. Starting from Lil Wayne, Chaka Khan, Drew Carey, Tony Hawk to last week's unmasked celebrity Dionne Warwick, who was the mouse. 

When Season 3 of 'The Masked Singer' premiered, the series revealed that the contestants combined have a total of 69 Grammy Nominations, 88 Gold Records, 11 Super Bowl appearances, 3 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, more than 160 tattoos and one title in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

Returning on Wednesday night, the Taco, Frog, Miss Kitty, and Banana will battle against each other for a spot in the Super Nine. The cryptic clues aren't stopping fans for sure, who affirm they know who the celebrity under the Taco mask is. 


So far in the clue packages, the Taco has hinted that he was the class clown, used to have a bad temper and a toupe. In the earlier episodes, he also revealed that he's "been a comforting part of your lives for decades." There was also a stack of VHS tapes. 

Based on all these clues, fans took to Twitter to affirm that the Taco is Tom Bergeron. "@Tom_Bergeron is the Taco! Maybe this is why there aren’t any announcements for @DancingABC this year so far," a fan wrote. 

"Ok I truly am convinced that it's @Tom_Bergeron everyone talking bout the trolley, yes it's the trolley from mister Rodgers neighborhood which he sang for. All other clue point directly to him and only him," a fan wrote. While another added, "Getting caught up on #TheMaskedSinger and Taco sounds like Tom Bergeron. That voice is recognizable." 

"Catching up on my dvr shows from the week so I’m late to the party but the banana is 100% Bret Michaels and the taco is Tom Bergeron. This is weird even IN context. #themaskedsinger," a fan shared. Adding to that another wrote, "The taco is Tom Bergeron. Video tapes...Funniest Home videos. I know everyone thinks it’s Bob Saget bc he hosted as well and the trolley reference for SF, BUT Tom Bergeron made a song about Mr. Rogers...that is the trolley clue. #themaskedsinger." 

Who do you think is under the mask of the Taco? Let us know in the comments below. 

'The Masked Singer' Season 3 airs every Wednesday night only on Fox.

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