'The Masked Singer' Season 3: Miss Monster goes home and angry fans say it's the White Tiger that needs to go

'The Masked Singer' Season 3: Miss Monster goes home and angry fans say it's the White Tiger that needs to go
Nick Cannon, Chaka Khan (Michael Becker / FOX)

'The Masked Singer' returned on Wednesday, February 12, night for the Group A championship and Miss Monster was unmasked at the end of the episode leaving fans angered. 

The fan-favorite reality TV competition series recently premiered after the Super Bowl LIV. What started off with six masked celebrities in Group A has now only three stars remaining after tonight's episode. These three masked singers have advanced to the final nine and will battle it out with the other contestants from Group B and C. 

Though their voices are altered and mysterious clues have been shared when they aren't on stage singing, there have been plenty of hints regarding who these celebrities might be. Returning this week with a boatload of love since Valentine's Day is around the corner, the hints regarding each masked singer were revealed by their close ones under a costume of their own. 



Last week, the Llama was unmasked and it turned out to be famed host and comedian Drew Carey. This week the White Tiger, Turtle, Kangaroo and Miss Monster brought their best to the stage. While fans hoped the White Tiger would be the one getting unmasked, sadly it was Miss Monster who was being sent home. 

Revealing hints about Miss Monster, it was her hairstylist who said it was all about her “good hair". There were more hints in the background of her clue package. There was a pair of socks, and a bear hanging on a clothing line. When it came for her time to shine, Miss Monster belted out her rendition of 'You Don't Own Me'. 

After her performance, in her Valentine's Day clue card to Robin Thicke, Miss Monster revealed she had a rendezvous with him in Las Vegas. The judges speculated that it might be Queen Latifah, Gloria Gaynor, Mary Wilson and at the last moment, Nicole Scherzinger predicted that it might be Chaka Khan. 

After the panel and audience voted, the masked celebrity with the least votes was none other than Miss Monster. Unmasked Miss Monster revealed herself to be none other than award-winning singer Chaka Khan. 


The elimination this week left fans more angered than ever, because they felt that the White Tiger deserved to go home and not Miss Monster. Taking to Twitter a fan wrote, "Really disappointed in @fox #TheMaskedSinger tonight. Miss Monster aka Chaka Kahn was eliminated, and Tiger can't hit a note if it was in front of him and made it thru. Smdh." 

"I'm so pissed. How does the audience sends home a10x Grammy award winner & the Queen of Funk @ChakaKhan. I'm sorry I rather see Miss Monster than the White Tiger from the Pats. Let's keep it real, He didn't even sing at all tonight!" a fan wrote. Adding to that another said, "Who tf kept the godamn tiger over miss monster? I just wanna talk #TheMaskedSinger." 




"Listen this white tiger just needs to be DONE no way he he was better than Miss Monster #TheMaskedSinger," a fan wrote. While another said, "Miss Monster got voted out over White Tiger’s no singing ass? #TheMaskedSinger." 

"How the F is Gronk aka the White Tiger still on the #TheMaskedSinger? The audience is obviously not voting based on the voice. While Miss Monster didn't have her best performance, she was still miles better," a fan wrote. 

'The Masked Singer' Season 3 airs every Wednesday night only on Fox. Check your local listings for more information. 


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