'The Marvelous Mrs Maisel': 5 burning questions season 2 left us with

Miriam Midge Maisel found her voice this season but her relationships with her loved ones around her has raised enough questions, we simply cannot wait for season 3

                            'The Marvelous Mrs Maisel': 5 burning questions season 2 left us with

Season one of the award-winning Amazon show 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,' concluded with Miriam 'Midge' Maisel on stage just owning the floor while her loser husband stood among the crowd, awe struck by her genius comedy streak.

Season 2 began with the marvelous, well-dressed Mrs. Maisel working at a call center in the basement of department store B. Altman, doing a fine job at it nonetheless. However, the finale wasn't as neat this time, leaving the audience to process the impromptu decisions and eye-brow raising declarations with ample of burning questions. Here are a few.

What's going to happen between Midge and Benjamin?


Benjamin came swiftly into our life and Mrs. Maisel, and fans fear he might just as swiftly breeze out. In the finale, we learn Benjamin wants to marry Midge despite only dating her over the course of seven episodes (few months). While Midge waits for her father's approval, she gets a career opportunity to tour for six months. She tells her ex, Joel Maisel, she is going to make her career the utmost priority; "I’m going to be all alone for the rest of my life." The impending implication has led many to question; is Midge and Benjamin over? He was such a sweetheart!

What about Midge and Joel? Will they move on or get back or stay stuck forever?

They keep finding their way to one another. When in season one's finale, Midge hooked up with Joel, telling him it’s "just for tonight," it wasn't true. It was the same with season two. In the very first episode of the new season, Midge runs after Joel but he refuses to take her back since that would mean she giving up her stand-up career to be with him.

We know it's not worth it. Then at Catskills, Joel and Midge agree to dance with other people, but then again in the finale, she runs back to him. Joel, himself has been with plenty of women this season, but none have lasted.

He keeps telling his friends that he screwed up and Midge's one-night-only proposal in the finale certainly isn't helping him get over her. Will they move on? Be with each other or get stuck up forever? They have two kids, and for both, they hardly seem like a priority. Co-parenting is an option too btw.

Will Susie accept Sophie Lennon’s offer? How will Midge take the news?

We can't deny that Susie Myerson has been with Midge all along but midway through season 2, things start to fall out between the two, an unexpected plot twist ensues with Susie being offered a job opportunity by their arch-nemesis, Sophie Lennon.

Following the revelation that she is in fact a Yale drama grad and impressed by how Susie has managed to fight for Midge, Lennon wants Susie to be her manager instead. In the first few episodes of the season, it was evident Susie and Midge have a different take on their careers.

While for Midge, comedy was more of a hobby, for Susie it was the deciding factor if she slept on the roadside or a house. The finale revealed Susie wants to earn some real money because she's had a hard life, but the major question is how will Susie tell Midge and how will the latter take the news?

What is Abe thinking and what will he do next?

Abe was undoubtedly one of the most vibrant characters of this season. Going to Paris to win his wife back, definitely topped our favorite moments list. However, the two major revelations regarding his two beloved kids, Midge, and her brother, Noah, spirals him into a downward frenzy. The shock of his daughter's career as a stand-up comedian is only topped by a discovery that his son is a CIA agent.

Bagging his dream job at the Bell Labs facility also quickly turns into gloom and he questions his own  teaching position as a mathematics professor at Columbia. Later, meeting a lawyer, who happens to be the son of his old friend, causes Abe to reassess his life, which means he might take a major leap next season.

Fans, placing their wildest guess forward think he just might resign from his job for real. He has already considered it, telling his wife, Rose, about giving up his tenured job. But Rose quickly quips that their lavish Upper West Side Manhattan apartment, where most of the action takes place, is owned by Columbia. However, the good news is, Rose is no stranger to living in a small house, as we saw her lifestyle in Paris. But in New York, it's a different story altogether.

Will Midge ever be asked to perform in Joel's club?

The new career direction wasn't just for Midge and Susie. Joel has decided to start his own club after his father's $60,000 debt and his own unemployment. Joel himself wanted to be a stand-up comic, but failing miserably at it and leaving his wife for a mistress, led Midge to discover her natural talent. Now that she's a top comedian, Joel has already made it clear he cannot endure Midge talking trash about him on stage and emerging successful in her shows. But opening his own club means he will host comics, so would that mean Midge would ever perform at his club?

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