'The Man Who Fell to Earth' Episode 10 Review: Mission accomplished? Thrilling finale sets up Season 2

'The Man Who Fell to Earth' Episode 10 Review: Mission accomplished? Thrilling finale sets up Season 2
A still from 'The Man Who Fell to earth' (Showtime)

'The Man Who Fell to Earth' came with a perplexing plot. We are now through ten episodes of the Showtime series, and the story has unraveled quite a few good twists to give us a peek into the different sides of human nature.

Episode ten of 'The Man Who Fell to Earth' is out, and Faraday finally meets Newton at his hideout. Interesting twists and revelations will make you realize the true intentions of the people who were so longed worshipped.


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The episode starts with Faraday and Justin finally meeting Newton at his secret hideout in Cambodia. He shows them around the place, telling them it has magnetic properties that do not allow any drone to come close to it. He shows them the ship that was brought from Anthea. That's when Faraday figures out that Newton just had plans to bring in the adapts (Humans) and not the drones (Antheans). This angers him. Newton then tries to convince them about his plan but Justin isn't very happy about it.

A still from 'The Man Who Fell to Earth' (Showtime)

Meanwhile, Agent Dimingus and the detective who raised Clay sit in front of the superior answerable for Clay's death. The episode shifts back to Justin finding her way through dense forest to Newton's hideout when she finds Faraday, who convinces her to unlock the algorithm. She doesn't want to but ends up getting convinced. Justin is finally able to go home to meet her daughter and dad. Three months later Agent Dimingus meets Justin at her place. She confesses about the CIA wanting to kill her if she wouldn't find Faraday and tells Justin they will come for her too. Later while cleaning the house, Justin finds a device she had heard beeping. She recognizes the familiar sound and takes her car to see a tornado in the middle of nowhere.

The episode then shifts to the Origen conference that happens to introduce people to Faraday. Meanwhile, the CIA is on its way to capture him. Faraday continues to talk about the atomic sequence he built to save the planet while the CIA closes in. Faraday then opens the box where the sequence lies and almost immediately the whole city lights up. Eventually, the CIA manages to take Faraday into custody and ask him about Newton's whereabouts.

A still from 'The Man Who Fell to earth' (Showtime)

Justin and Hatch (Origen's CEO) are chosen to take ownership of the secrets and sequence. Faraday tells the CIA that Antheans will have to come to earth. The CIA steps back after figuring out the risks involved in stopping the mission. Faraday finally bids his goodbyes and leaves to get the Antheans to Earth.

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