'The Magicians' Brittany Curran on Fen's love life, the season finale and her relationship with Margo

'The Magicians' Brittany Curran on Fen's love life, the season finale and her relationship with Margo

'The Magicians' have plenty of powerful women and there's no argument that Fen is one among them. The daughter of Dint II, raised by a family of knifemakers and swordsmiths and a Fillorian radical, it would be surprising if Fen was anything but powerful. She's overthrown Margo, to become the King of Fillory in the latest season and found the secret entry into Castle Whitespire leaving no doubt in our minds that there's very little Fen cannot do.

Brittany Curran stars as Fen in SyFy's 'the Magicians' (Annie Shak.)

We caught up with Brittany Curran, who plays Fen in SyFy's 'The Magicians' and spoke to her about Todd, Margo's future, and what they should expect ahead of the season finale on April 17.

Congratulations on the fourth season and becoming a series regular! What can we expect from Fen going forward? Losing a baby and somewhat losing a husband has to drive Fen crazy. Will she find love? 

Ever since I became a series regular two years ago, Fen has especially grown and expanded as a character, which I've had a lot of fun with. We have amazing writers and as they get to know us over the years, they start to incorporate little parts of our personalities and quirks into our characters. Going forward, the main thing for Fen has definitely been finding her own worth and her strength. Losing her baby and feeling abandoned by her husband has seriously figured into shaping the woman she is becoming; which at first was very negative, she fell into a state of psychosis and was further pushed into a self-deprecating mind frame. But she's finally coming out on the other end. She's the High King of Fillory now and has actually forged a deep and meaningful (if not complicated) relationship with Margo. I'm not sure yet if and when she'll find love, but the homegirl deserves it. I hope she finds it soon.

Will we see more of your badass bladesmith past come more into focus this season?




Yes! I love all the knife-related stories and I love how the writers have played into it, especially once they found out how much I got into it in my real life. I have my own whetstone set at home and sharpen all my own knives. There's a fun scene this season when Fen thinks she's about to be attacked and mistakenly throws a blade at Margo's head. Thank goodness she missed. But my arm and shoulder were legitimately sore the day after we filmed that scene. I wouldn't mind seeing fen get into some swordplay as well. We'll see.

3. Who is Todd, really? 

A magical creature who was not born in the natural sense but one day just appeared at Brakebills fully grown and wearing a vest. Ever since then he's been searching for his dad who he thinks is Eliot.


4. What does Margo's future look like this season? 

I have loved watching Margo's growth this season. She has spent so much time on the show paired up with a strong man, that it's nice to finally see her independent and on her own, finding and taking her own power. We will see her sacrifice a lot this season while simultaneously gaining much more. Summer Bishil does a beautiful job of bringing Margo to life and you see so many more layers of Margo this season, especially in the second half.

Brittany Curran talks about the future of Margo ahead of the season finale (Anna Shak)

Would you like to tell fans something that could possibly rock their world in the upcoming episodes heading into the finale? 

I would love to, but I can't really spoil anything. I'm trying to think of something I can tease without getting in trouble with the studio. Okay, I have something. At some point before the finale, someone literally animorphs. I hope I don't get into trouble for that.


If there was another character on the show that you could play, which one would it be and why? 

Margo. I wouldn't be able to play it like Summer, of course, but I've played a lot of strong bitches in my day, and Margo would be a lot of fun. It was actually a little foreign for me to play Fen when I first booked the role. I wasn't accustomed to portraying such sweet and naive characters.



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