'The Little Drummer Girl': John Le Carre makes appearance in second adaptation of his 1983 novel

The creator cannot seem to stay away from his work, and every now and then Le Carre makes an appearance in an adaptation of his works

                            'The Little Drummer Girl': John Le Carre makes appearance in second adaptation of his 1983 novel

Fans have already claimed John Le Carre is probably following in the footsteps of Stan Lee after the author's cameo in the third episode of BBC One's adaptation of the 1983 novel, 'The Little Drummer Girl'. Following the plight of an aspiring young actress Charlie Ross (played by Florence Pugh), the story is set against the backdrop of the Israel-Palestine conflict of the 70s.

In order to catch hold of a Palestinian terrorist, two Mossad agents hire Charlie as a pawn to trap the notorious terrorist, Khalil. Played by Michael Shannon and Alexander Skarsgard respectively, Marty Kurtz and Becker have pushed Charlie to take on responsibilities which might cost her quite a lot. 

In the third episode, Charlie had set out to cross the borders of Yugoslavia and Austria. Once in Austria, she walks into a roadside cafe, where an elderly waiter serves her coffee. Fans were surprised to see that this elderly man was none other than the author himself. Le Carre has made several appearances in screen adaptations of his works.

He was seen playing a brief role of an outraged customer at a restaurant being pacified by Jonathan Pine (played by Tom Hiddleston) in the 2016 adaptation of his novel, 'The Night Manager'. The novelist has also appeared in some of his big screen adaptations.


Le Carre was seen as a museum guard at the Einstein Museum in the 2016 adaptation of 'Our Kind of Traitor', and had also appeared as a Christmas party guest in the 2011 movie version of 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy'.

Fans cannot help but recall Le Carre's very first appearance in the 1984 adaptation of 'The Little Drummer Girl' when he was seen playing the role of a policeman in the scene where Charlie (then played by Diane Keaton) goes to her London apartment. He was apparently billed under his real birth name, not as John le Carré but as David Cornwell. 


However, in spite of the author's appearance in the third episode, the viewership following the episode went down by almost a million, and what is interesting is that the author himself had earlier predicted that 'The Little Drummer Girl' might not be as big as 'The Night Manager'. The author asserted that the chief reason would be Charlie's unrelatable nature as a daunting young woman.

Speaking to the Telegraph during the BFI London Film Festival in October, he said: "With The Night Manager we all fell in love with Roper, the villain. Hugh Laurie enchanted us all, all you wanted to be was Hugh Laurie if you're a man, if you're this lady (played by Florence Pugh) you're not thinking, 'I wish it were me', you're thinking, 'Thank god it's not me'." 

Hopefully, the show will come back on track with the upcoming episode, and maybe then we will see more of the author. 'The Little Drummer Girl' airs every Sunday at 9 p.m. on BBC One.