'The Lincoln Lawyer' fans dub the legal drama 'genius', ask Netflix to renew it for Season 2

'The Lincoln Lawyer' has finally released on Netflix and fans are absolutely loving the return of Mickey Haller

                            'The Lincoln Lawyer' fans dub the legal drama 'genius', ask Netflix to renew it for Season 2
Christopher Gorham as Trevor Elliott and Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller in 'The Lincoln Lawyer' (Netflix)

Lawyer Mickey Haller is back and set to take you on a thrilling journey with Netflix’s latest series ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’. Based on Michael Connelly’s second book ‘The Brass Verdict’, the series revolves around Haller taking a break from his practice after an accident. He hasn’t stepped inside a courtroom for more than a year and can’t wait to take out his Lincoln again.

His life turns upside down when a judge calls him and tells him about the unexpected death of his colleague, Jerry. As per his will, all his law practice would go to Haller and all the clients of Jerry will now be transferred to Haller, including Trevor Elliott. The primary focus remains on the Trevor Elliott murder trial, but there are other cases as well.
Apart from cases, Mickey is going through a lot in his personal life as well. He is now twice divorced but shares a good relationship with both of her wives. His second wife, Lorna (Becki Newton), and her boyfriend Cisco (Angus Sampson) play a vital role in bringing back glory days for Haller.

All previous versions of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ have been dark and gritty, but the Netflix version is a bit different because it’s a dramedy version of Connelly’s books. The series is thoroughly enjoyable and features stellar performances from the entire cast.

Becki Newton as Lorna in 'The Lincoln Lawyer' (Netflix)


Fans have been waiting for a Mickey Haller project for quite a while and now that ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ is on Netflix, they just couldn’t be more excited. They took to social media and share their views on the latest series.

One of the fans wrote, “Just watched all episodes of #TheLincolnLawyer & I loved every minute of it. The cast is wonderful. @rulfomanuel is fantastic as Mickey Haller and #BeckiNewton kicks a**.” Another social media user tweeted, “Just pausing #TheLincolnLawyer for a moment just to say I’m enjoying it immensely.”





Meanwhile, another social media user wrote, “Just binged all 10 episodes of #TheLincolnLawyer. When’s season 2? Loved it!” Another fan noted, “Duuuuude #TheLincolnLawyer is GOOD. I'm into it.”





“The Lincoln Lawyer keeps getting better with each passing episode and season. I hope this show will be getting renewed for a second season,” tweeted another social media user. “Watched the first episode of #TheLincolnLawyer and it’s everything I hoped it would be.”





Another fan wrote, “Started it this morning. #TheLincolnLawyer s genius, love the casting, particularly Becki Newton as Lorna, sassy from the beginning as are the rest. I’m so happy, I’m a dyed in the wool Matthew Mc in the role but this is really good.”



The series features 10 episodes and sees Manuel Garcia-Rulfo giving a phenomenal performance. As always, Netflix played a trick by ending Season 1 on a cliff-hanger and teased that the show might return for another edition. Well, we hope to see Haller in his Lincoln again.

'The Lincoln Lawyer' is currently streaming on Netflix.