‘The Legend of Korra’ on Netflix: Is Season 3 the best one? Here's what fans feel about the follow-up to ‘Avatar’

The fans believe that 'The Legend of Korra' tells the kinds of stories that 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' could not, taking the mythology in an all new, unfamiliar direction

                            ‘The Legend of Korra’ on Netflix: Is Season 3 the best one? Here's what fans feel about the follow-up to ‘Avatar’

The release of 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' on Netflix was not just a treat for the all fans who had watched the original series, but it was also an opportunity for a whole new generation of fans to tune into the highly acclaimed series. Now, with 'The Legend of Korra' about to join its precursor on Netflix. there's been a new discussion on just what makes the sequel series worth watching. If you have never seen 'The Legend of Korra' before, here is why the fans are saying you absolutely should.

One thing that consistently comes up is that 'The Legend of Korra' (LoK) is a completely different show from 'Avatar: The Last Airbender,' (ATLA) and fans should go in without expecting a lot of overlap. "A lot of people are thrown off because they jump in right after binging ATLA and the whiplash from the advanced technology and all your favorite characters being dead really throws them off. In general, the show goes to great lengths to establish that it's about Korra and not ATLA 2.0. But you get used to it and can really enjoy the series," says one fan, on Reddit. "They are adults, so there is a fair bit less lighthearted-ness, more mature themes. It's set in a much more modern age, so lots of city footage, vehicles, politics, etc. OG characters aren't really part of the show, embrace the new crew. (Some do show up but if you're expecting LoK to be a love letter to ATLA like me you're gonna have a bad time)," writes another. 

Another thing to note is that Season 2 of the series is almost universally seen as the weaker one, even if it does have its moments. "First season is decent, the second has it’s moments but is usually considered the weakest of the franchise, and the last two are considered the show’s best," says a fan. "Season 2 seems to be a consistent least favorite, but 3 and 4 are consistent favorites, so if you enjoy the first season it's worth watching the rest even if it loses you for a bit." Don't skip through Season 2 entirely, though, because, as one fan warns, "Second season is horrible to go through except it tells the story of the very first Avatar and if you don’t want to watch Korra I would at least recommend watching that episode."

So what about the series IS worth looking forward to? "I think season 3 of Korra may be the best season of any avatar content, so I'd say that alone makes it worth watching. There's a lot of really good themes going on and they're handled well. Plus the animation is stunning, especially towards the end," writes a fan. A lot of fans enjoy the more mature themes that the series takes: "The seasons tackle inequality between benders and non-benders, society's dying connection to spirituality, anarchy verses corrupt and outdated governments, and the dangers of fascism. You also get to see the rebirth of the Air Nation through Aang's family. His son Tenzin is easily one of the best characters in the series." 

There are a few fans who even prefer 'The Legend of Korra' to its predecessor. "The animation, music, fight scenes, themes and more interesting villains make it a better series in my opinion," writes a fan. Overall, opinions seem to be that, once you get past the fact that 'The Legend of Korra' is an all new show, it embraces more mature themes, takes production quality to a new level and furthers the legend of the Avatar for a new generation.

If you're a long time fan of the series, or if you're a brand new fan looking forward to the show's release, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

'The Legend of Korra' is set to release on Netflix on August 14, 2020.

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