The Handmaid's Tale: Fred and Serena end up having a bitter quarrel over June

Serena finally loses her calm when it comes to Fred and his actions and after numerous episodes, we see the two at war.

                            The Handmaid's Tale: Fred and Serena end up having a bitter quarrel over June
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Ever since The Handmaid's Tale premiered, the viewers have noticed an underlying tension between Serena and Fred. Often have the two restrained themselves from coming to an argument. However, the latest episode finally saw the two release that pent-up tension and get into a serious fight, with each blaming the other for various reasons. 

It all started when the pair realized that June (Elisabeth Moss) had been missing from the house. 

While Serena is usually a person with a lot of patience there is one thing that she can't stand and it is the thought of not having her own child. When she saw there might be a chance for her to not hold her kid in her arms, she knew she could not take it any longer. In this week's episode, we see June wrapped up in her own emotions as she tries to think of ways she can escape from the clutches of Fred and Serena. 

At this time, we see June crying her heart out as she thinks about the family that she left behind. However, luckily, this is the first time she gets to know that there is still life outside Gilead. Right from hearing about the American government being alive to knowing what is happening in the rest of the world, June gets a hope and a reason for getting out of town. But just when she gears up to make an exit, she hears a car coming from behind and heading her way. 

This is when Fred and Serena enter in the hopes of getting hold of June and taking her back to the place. While Fred and she seemed to be tense, we see Serena being emotional and angry with the idea of not finding June and in turn not having her child. It is then that Fred realizes June is not the only person who has been missing. They are informed about Nick being lost along with June. 

While Fred believes it is best to head back home and think of a plan to ensure June and Nick are caught, Serena loses control and insists that they find June first because she was carrying their child. “I’m not leaving here without my baby," she says, as reported by TV Line. It is then that Serena comes across June's cap. At once, she fears if Nick helped her get out but Fred assures that Nick “wouldn’t be disloyal.” But she refuses to believe him. “They hate you. She’s always hated you. She keeps running away from you,” she says. 

Unable to stay quiet, Fred lashes out at Serena and insists that June had the courage to run away because she had been kind towards her. “Kindness?! You raped her yesterday," Serena lashes at Fred. Both get into a heated argument which ends up with Fred asking “When did you become such a b***h?” They then suggest that they can't report to the officials about the disappearance of Nick and June because it would make them think they are also involved with the resistance. 

“I gave up everything for you, and for the cause. And I only ever wanted one thing in return: I wanted a baby,” she says. "I have nothing. I will never hold my baby." Serena and Fred then head back to see what can be done in the situation. While June is still hiding in the room trying to escape the situation, we see a side to Serena that we had never seen before.