John Bolton admits he voted for Trump instead of Hillary, Stephen Colbert asks 'how could you be so naive?'

Bolton explained himself saying that he didn't think Trump would be this bad

                            John Bolton admits he voted for Trump instead of Hillary, Stephen Colbert asks 'how could you be so naive?'
Stephen Colbert and John Bolton (CBS)

John Bolton has been making headlines everywhere following the release of his tell-all book 'The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir', based on his time when he served as National Security Advisor for US President Donald Trump. So, it came as no surprise when the former security advisor decided to sit down for a brief chat with the popular talk show host Stephen Colbert on his show 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert'.

Colbert grilled his guest about his book and his political views. In the midst of their conversation, the host casually asked what the Republicans actually thought of Trump behind the closed doors. Bolton's response left the host not only surprised but also amused. Bolton revealed that the conservatives' comparison of Trump to Presidential candidate Joe Biden, can be compared to how he thought of Trump in 2016 when he was running for the presidential campaign against Hillary Clinton. Bolton said, "Whatever we think of him (Trump), he’s not going to be a Democrat subject, especially these days, to the pressure of the left."


Bolton's response left Colbert chuckling. Colbert then pointed out that Trump wasn't going to be subject to the pressure of the left but instead he's "going to be subject to the pressure of Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping". He also cited a few references from Bolton's book and pointed out how Trump wouldn't hesitate to sell out the best interests of Americans to ensure he would get reelected. At this point, Colbert directly questioned Bolton and demanded to know how Biden and Hillary's philosophy could possibly be worse than betraying their own country to a "hostile foreign leader".

Bolton tried his best to dodge the question, until Colbert demanded a response. Bolton then began explaining about his views in 2016. He said, "What I thought in 2016 was, 'Well, at least we have to try it out'." So, that's why he voted for Trump. He then added that after working with the current president for 17 months he can't in "good conscience" revote for Trump. He also explicitly mentioned that he wouldn't vote for Trump or Biden.

When Colbert tried pointing out how Trump was 'callow', Bolton justified his stance by explaining that he didn't think Trump was 'that bad'. Colbert interrupted Bolton's response by openly wondering how he could have been so naive. Colbert says, "But you’re an international negotiator, how could you be naive? You’ve dealt with the worst people in the world." At this Bolton was a bit offended with Colbert calling him naive and continued to explain why he believed Trump was interested in learning the intricacies of arm-control negotiations.

Fans weren't willing to buy Bolton's explanation and agreed with Colbert that he was 'naive'. A fan tweeted, "Stephen Colbert is right. John Bolton is naive. Stephen didn’t insult John, he described him." Another fan wrote, "Bolton is beyond naive. He's pure evil and a traitor. To be insulted by being called naive, yet not immediately sharing with Congress all of the ways that trump has sold out our country for his own benefit is despicable. I hope Bolton loses money. He's already lost his soul." One more said, "@StephenAtHome shame on you for insulting John by calling him naive. And by shame on you I mean thank you for calling him out and not holding back!"

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